Action Man | Chris Field

Action Man by Chris Field  The Never Been Pissed Award Jim welcomed the gathered family. “I invited you tonight to hear first hand. With mum’s passing I’m finally leaving.” “What?” they chorused. “You can’t be serious?” “There’s a buyer, so […]

The Glass Key | Liam Pender

Alexandria, 400 AD. A clash of faiths has erupted. The old Gods, still popular with the Roman nobility, have lost favour among the unwashed masses. Rejecting their overlords, people turn to the monotheistic teachings of a dead Judean carpenter they […]

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COMFORTABLY ANON Judges Comments And Winner Announcement

Four stories made it to the short list for the COMFORTABLY ANON Contest, and they ran the gamut from weird comedy and dystopian to realist and gritty sci fi. There can only be one winner, but let’s hear from one […]

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