Clarissa NG is a frequent contributor to NITH and the designer of CLARISSA’S HEMINGWAY Award.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to make us laugh, make us cry, or surprise us in less then 600 words.. And guess what, you really did! Attracting more than thirty entries, you’ve kept our first readers on their toes.

The shortlist didn’t disappoint. You’ve brought us stories from a baby christening to a funeral, from a wedding party to a restaurant, from bedroom games goes sour to a jackpot that went (horribly) wrong.

In the ens there can only be one winner. That one story we couldn’t wait to share with our friends. Without further ado,  join me in congratulating our winner, Dakoda Barker!

Dakoda is no stranger to NITH shortlists. He’s won the judges over with a beautiful story, ‘The Suits Once Worn’. A clear favourite, he scored the highest mark from three out of five judges (and the second highest mark from the other two judges) – Hemingway would have been proud!

Once again, well done, Dakoda!

Thank you everyone for participating, and looking forward to see more great entries coming.