What Are Collaborations?

What are Collaborations?

The concept behind the collaborations is about 90% anarchy 10% organised workshop. A typical collaboration partners a group of writers together with an editor and cover artist to produce a short story collection for publication. You can check out some of the existing publications at our Books & Publications Page.

Authors submit drafts and provide feedback to each otherover three rounds of drafting, with the editor approving final drafts and helping organise feedback partners for everyone. The cover artist… Does the cover art.

What Happens Next?

When the drafts are finished, stories are packaged into an ebook and sold on the site and various marketplaces on the net. Proceeds are split between the collaborators. NiTH doesn’t take anything off the top, instead we have a Patreon Campaign to keep everything running, so if you like what we do, visited making a small pledge to the site.

We believe this is a good way to bring authors together to work on fun and challenging projects. Also, as an author you get:

  • A workshop environment to improve your writing and editing skills
  • Help from NITH volunteers
  • Motivation!!
  • Develop a writing habit
  • Meet like minded authors and make friends


Who Owns The Rights to My Story?

But participating in NiTH and publishing as a result of the workshop you’re letting us sell the collaboration for you. While you’re welcome to sell your story elsewhere, you have to notify potential vendors that the story was first published (and developed) in one of our collabs.

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