COMFORTABLY ANON Judges Comments And Winner Announcement

Four stories made it to the short list for the COMFORTABLY ANON Contest, and they ran the gamut from weird comedy and dystopian to realist and gritty sci fi.

There can only be one winner, but let’s hear from one of this week’s judges, and get their thoughts on attention to the brief.

Judge Comments

Judge Black

Of the entries that made the short list, there were two that really stuck out, ‘Shanon’ and ‘Blanket Rules’.

I’m not exactly a ‘stickler for the rules’ but something really stuck out to me in the brief.

“Look at modern anxieties with identity.”

It’s pretty clear that Shanon has modern setting, and there are some really great lines and tones about how the main character feels about her identity and how it changes as part of a changing family.

Blanket Rules, it’s not really ‘modern’ like now, but it has ‘modern themes’. What’s happening in this story are extensions of what’s happening now.

So I think, for me in particular, looking at the brief and trying to make something interesting happen with that, is something that I like.

Winner Announcement

In no short order, the winner for the COMFORTABLY ANON Award is Sean C, who received top marks from our five judges for his dystopian Sci Fi Short, Blanket Rules.

Blanket Rules takes some of our modern day anxieties about identity and anonimity and transplants them to the near future, managing to hit on a number of different themes including Climate, Technology, and Control.

All this on a train ride.

Congratulations Sean on an excellent knock!

Keep an eye out for our next short list, The LINKBAIT AND SWITCH Contest. We’ll also be kicking off something new with our first serial short story saga on Tuesday.

Well done to everyone who entered and best of luck to all on the current short list.