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The MYSTERY OF THE CELLAR DOOR Award (Prose){Big Prize $$$}

Past Awards



Try To Avoid Standing In The Light Of The Fridge by Mia Gypsy / Belly, Belly by Alice Griffiths (Winner!) / Blue Hats by Roderick Lenz



Getting Stuffed (The Hard Way) by Candace Davis / Restaurant of Death by Jewel Gray / Prized Possession by Guem Hye (Winner!) / Camilla by Kirstin Whalen (People’s Choice) / The Jungle Room by Alexander Konnaris / Dead Tiger by Disapol Savetsila / Nothing Good On TV by Lance Cross / The Non-Existent Prodigy by Nat Happe (Winner!) / A Peculiar Gift by Daniel Norrish / Mo by Maya Spore / No One Likes A Critic by Debb Bouch


Letter from HW by Clarissa NG / (Dis)Harmony by Dakoda Barker / Broken Hill by Dennis Carroll / Asterisms Over Fitzroy by Tyne Daile / Reef w/Footnote by Kirk Graham / Sydney, Australia by Daniel Norrish / The Paradox Of Drought by Candace Davis / White Cliffs And Walkways by Edwin Lerner / A Postcard from Paradise by Beth Merindah / Stolen Property by Alayna Cole (Winner!) / Earth, Wind, Rock & Water by Annabel Owen


The KARMA ANIMAL Poetry Award Short List

Empty Gestured, Venom Threaded by Erin Biglia / The Cat by Alexia Dickson / My Oasis, My Love by Amber McGlothlin (Winner!) / The Wheel by Alistair Robinson / Doldrums by Rachel Calleja



For A Moment by Jewel Gray (Winner!) / Repetition by Rebecca Xu / Country Boy by Michael Drew / Her Painted Melody by Candace Davis / Four Legged Ballet by Madeline Pettet / A Drop In The Ocean by Alayna Cole / Scream by Levi Ender / Of Heart And Mind by Kristy Armitage



On Salsa And Curse Words by Nat Happe / <3 by Rowan Chestnut (Winner!) /  Friendship by Ken Chinichi / The Day I Fell Apart by Annabel Owen / Person and Personality by Dennis Carroll / The Rescue by Alison Klippenstein / Two Clones Walk Into A Bar by Lance Cross / Online Dating by Alexia Dickenson / Cardboard Communication by P.A. Rogers / Five Random Romantic Moments by Carmel O’Connor / Love Or Attachment by William Alexander



Babyface by Rachel Calleja / Polyphony / If Only by Lorin Elizabeth / Dinner For Stew by Cory O’Neile



Impermanence by Jason Fink (Winner!) / Aristocrats are Fucking Rats by Alistair Robertson / In Marcello by Vannessa Ho / Alexi’s Last Match by Debb Bouch / The Best of Times, The Worst Of Times by Cory O’Neile / Who’s Acting? by Raquel Espasande / Bobby by Umir Azfar Khan / Change the World by Shoshana Kessock / Love Struck by Tracey Marks / Addiction by Adrian Collins / A Most Distasteful Telling by Alex Braude


The Doorbell by Maya Spore / Double Crossed by Bamber McG (Amber McGlothlin) / Tomato Paste by Amanda Forsmen-Sundall / The Adventure Of The Failed Choreographer by Debb Bouch / A Teardrop In My Heart by Cory O’Neile / Glory Hole by Tracey Marks/ U.F.P Bajor by Joey To /Really Bad by Gabriela Blagoeva/ Sharp Twist Of The Heart by Erin Biglia / The Man With The Scary Eyes by Alex Braude (Winner!) / The Unbearable Lightness Of Black Holes by Jason Fink / House Of Discovery by Lachlan Bunney



Ultrareality by Nathan Boole / Of Integrity and Retail by Amber McGlothlin / Rack and Ruined by Lance Cross / Root by Maya Spore / The Eggxtreme Constantine by Cory O’Neile (Winner!) / Mitzy by Nausheen Mohamed / An Average Medium by Andrea Drew / That Guy by Clarissa N G / 50 Bales Of Hay by Tracey Marks / The Heist by Vannessa Ho / Fried Eggs by Joey To / A Walk In The Park by Brooke Edwards

The FAREWELL HIROSHI Award (11 Oct 2013)

Shut In by Clarissa N G / Desmond by Vannessa Ho / Therapy by Nathan Boole / Meeting Lara by Maya Spore / Knight Moves by Debb Bouch / Same Old Game by Lance Cross / The Blazer by Joey To / Retirement by Alex Braude / Game Time by Lawrence Corbin

The WELCOME ABOARD Award (09 Sep 2013)

Home by Manasvi Mudgal / The Ticket Collector by Cory O’Neile / The Day After Harry Died by Maki Morita / True Freedom by Vallerie Xu / Snatcher by Nathan Boole (Winner!) / 50 Shades Of Yellow by Maya Spore / Eddie The Smuggler by Ian Harrison / Talk The Talk by Lance Cross / The Debt by Vivek Rathi / The Department by Joey To / Genefreak by Alex Braude

The UNBEARABLE STANDARDS Award (19 Aug 2013)

Small Victories by Amber McGlothlin / Boring by Raquel Espasande / ‘Can Gaar Come to Dinner?’ by Martin John Solloway / Life of Felix by Vannessa Ho (Winner!) / Unbareable by Debb Bouch / Caveman Carver by Alex Braude / Cynicism by Cory O’Neile / The Alley by Maya Spore / Get Off The Grass by Lance Cross / The Moth by Darcy Tranter-Cook / Compliance by Kris Cerneka / What I Knew by Reena Mukherjee / Democratic Wrongs by Malcolm Allitt

The OUR MOTIVES ARE BENIGN Award (24 Jun 2013)

Boarding School Espionage by Amber McGlothlin / Click Caught by Emily Dickey / A Place Called Hope by Vannessa Ho / 3 + 4 by Joey To / The Red Eyed Giant by Manasvi Mudgal (Winner!)

The ADRIAN’S DUEL Award (09 Jun 2013)

The Great Chicken Stand Off by Amber McGlothlin / Under The Full Moon by Vannessa Ho /  The Refusal Of Bliss by Ray Waton / Testing the Limit by Maurice Said / A Single Pawn by Alistair Bouch / Intolerance and Independence by Emily Dickey / The Fake And The Furious by Joey To /The Rhythm War by Debb Bouch (Winner!) / Breakfast Table Espionage by Mansavi Mudgal / Biased Amity by Vishnu Priya Vemulapalli / Letter To My Stalker by Sacha Hope / Untitled by Emma Kirkby

The FERDINAND HODLER Award (26 May 2013)

Snapshots by Kristin Waites / The Line by Joey To / The Herbalist’s Companion by Debb Bouch / Kashmiri Floret by Vishnu Priya Vemulapalli / Trash by Amber McGlothlin / Spring Dream by Kris Cerneka / Going Native by Vannessa Ho / Stone Cold by Isabelle Sammut / Under The Carob Tree by Maurice Said / Sunshine and Movement by Nadya Agrawal (Winner!)

The FULL DRONE Award (12 May 2013)

The Delivery by Joey To / If It Rains… by Debb Bouch / Daily Life by Emily Dickey / Drone in the Qalk by Vishnu Priya Vemulapalli / Drone by Kris Cerneka / Red Eyes by Vannessa Ho / When Angels Become Demons by Adrian Collins / Apples And Hand Grenades by Bobby Moreno / Life And Death In The Shadow by Amber McGlothlin / Here Comes The Rain, Again by Jason Fink (Winner!) / Drones by Matthew Hall

The GLASS REFRIGERATOR Award (19 Apr 2013)

Prudence Demands by Joey To / (Un)common Sense by Debb Bouch (Winner!) / The Monk by Alex Braude / Freedom by Nicolas Hornyak / The Elevator by Jason Fink

The RE:RE Award (04 Apr 2013)

The Conversation by Debb Bouch / Prayer of a Western Relic by Amber McGlothlin (Winner!) / Glory to The Olives by Joey To

The WEBMASTER Award (10 Mar 2013)

The Day Dial Up Saved The World by Amber McGlothlin (Winner!) / The Cosmic Virus by Joey To / Application for PCC32 by Brooke Edwards

The GRAMOPHONE ELECTRIC Award (22 Feb 2013)

No Hard Feelings by Joey To (Winner!) / The Relegated by Amber McGlothlin / Through The Tangle by Nathan Boole / The Psychic And The Cyborg by Debb Bouch / Some Mornins by Adrian Collins / Illusion Eyes by James Troschke

The CROMULENT Award (05 Feb 2013)

The Fury of the Scorned at King Pho by Amber McGlothlin (Winner!) / Of Coca Cola and Courage by Ashleigh Mounser

The PRELUDE Award (21 Jan 2013)

The Verity Records by Joey To / Thirty Blue Floors by Adrian Collins / An Apocolypse Cometh to Oscar Lennon by Ashleigh Mounser (Winner!) / The Shadowlands by Alex Finlayson / Creatures of the Fog by Joanna Murphy / Nerve Centre by Nathan Boole / Spelling Lessons by Debb Bouch / What Is And What Will Never Be by Tegan Kelly

The MAYAN Invitational Award (30 Dec 2012)

‘Al Mafouda’ The Lost by Jason Fink (Winner!) / Tattooed and Tattered by Holly Riordan / Persistence by Cassie Kosarek / Rin Tin Tin Soldiers by Aaron Maltz / Et Responde Mihi by Joey To / Writing on the Walls by Shelly Landow / The Great Eventuality by Tashiina Buswa / The Mayan Threat by Nathan Boole

The MATA HARI Award (15 Dec 2012)

Joan of Arc by Nathan Boole (Winner!)

The YOUTH Award (08 Dec 2012)

This Way by Sherry Landow (Winner!) / Seeing Red by Aaron Maltz / Control by Nathan Boole / Purgatory High by Joey To

The ROSA Award (01 Dec 2012)

Beach Vacation by Dhaval Mehta (Winner!) / The Interview by Cassie Kosarek / The Visitor by Helen Rose Schneider / Suicidal Screams by Holly Riordan / Pool Parties In Venice by Tashiina Buswa / So It Begins by Jason Fink

Flash Comp 300 (15 Nov 2012)

Emma Ross / Jason Fink / Nathan Boole (Winner!)