Current Shortlist

The current shortlist is for the OPEN SPACES Science Fiction Writing Contest



1. Hypoxiaby | by Hayley Scrivenor

(Read time 10 minutes)

What have you forgotten? What you wore last Tuesday? What about how to tie your shoe laces, or how to get up in the morning? What if you forgot that as well…

2. Squid-K | by Joey To

A shark and an octopus walk into a bar. That’s how Joey To kicks off this Sci Fi Detective Fiction written in the form of a play.

3. Remnant Coding | Ash Williams

Humanity is extinct, but something remains, written in the layers of Artifical Intelligence that power The Machine there is a memory, a ghost in the shell. 

4. Trust Or Not To Trust | Doug Smith

Who can you trust when the memories are gone? Doug Smith draws from the Salvage Writing Prompt on NiTH debut.

5. The Quantum Parameter | Richard Harvie

A catastrophic failure in deep space should mean certain death. But sometimes in space, someone can hear you scream.

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