Cyberpunk Writing Prompts

Strap on your brain augments and jack in. Cyberpunk Writing Punks to make Akira blush and Neo wish he’d taken the blue pill.

Cyberpunk Writing Prompts

Tales Of Future Past

Technology has the power to unleash our potential, but also to enslave us. What dark futures lurk behind the veil. Write a story about a utopia built on dark secrets.

Oil Rush

You’re the Captain of the last oil tanker on Earth. Every faction in the Corprotocracy wants your cargo, but what will you do with it?

Body Mods

It started with titanium springs in your heels to make your morning walks to our cubicle at Post-Med industries just that little bit quicker. Then they added a pair of new tear ducts into your cranium to keep your eyes focused for longer. More efficient. Better for the company.

The want to make you into the ideal employee. So far, your body hasnt rejected a single mod. I guess that means your the perfect candidate for their next big project.

Gibson Bigend

The future is already here. Is just not very evenly distributed. Write about about the issues and dramas the present distribution of technology has created.

Whether you imagine a near future urban sprawl, or like the people of Mumbai and New York, are already living in one, Cyberpunk is always just here and right around the corner.

See some of the stories written to this prompt.

Speed Racer

Zooming through the city on the back of a razorbike might seem like a lot of fun. But you’ve got deadlines to meet, and if these data carts aren’t delivered on time heads will roll.

Unpaid Credit

Before they shipped Mama off to the morgue she leaned over and whispered “The Cyborg Alliance always collects its debts.”

Now Mama”s gone. Looks like its up to her babies to collect.

Forever Young

Write a story set in the near future about a quest for eternal youth through genetic augmentation, drugs, body modification, or digital consciousness.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks

A little too much sake after work and now you’re a company man who can’t find their way home. Just what the hell is this place anyway.

This Intelligence Isn’t Artificial

In the future, we’ll be able to enhance our capabilities through pills. But what if we could do it organically? Write about a fad diet of the future.

A Bit of Graft

Skinjobs are a dime a dozen in this part of town. But when she walked into your clinic looking for a new face you knew straight away there would be trouble.

Nu-Kids on the Block

They say kids grow up faster in our part of the sprawl. Maybe that’s cause you got to stay tough to survive, or maybe it’s just what they put in the water.


Life’s a bit dull as a third tier cybersecurity agent in a fourth tier analytics firm. Nobody’s crossed the digital DMZ in years. You’re only here cause the company saves money on insurance. Five years, and the red phone hasn’t rung once…


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