Daily Writing Prompt | Twitter Recap With Amber Fernie

Writing Prompt New Bride
You might have noticed the plethora of great writing prompts appearing on Twitter

Writing Prompt Serial Killer

That’s cause for the past couple of months, it’s been under the control of Amber Fernie.

Writing Prompt Wine Cellar

Amber’s a great writer. She’s won a lot of awards at NiTH.

Writing Prompt Tornado

And when she was suffering from writer’s block, that didn’t stop her.

Writing Prompt Tourist

Instead, she took over our Twitter account, and hasn’t looked back.

Writing Prompt New Bride

Thanks Amber for making the NiTH Twitter awesome.

Writing Prompt Zookeeper

You can read more about Amber Fernie’s writing here.

Writing Prompt Genealogy
Is it Hitler?.. It’s Hitler, isn’t it.


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