Dance with Death | Nathan Godfrey


Dance with Death

Nathan Godfrey

The Spooky Jelly Award

Some years had passed since my last Halloween party, but something compelled me to try again. I didn’t want to dress like the rest of the groups of scantily clad girls who would already be swarming to parties by now, though I secretly knew that the real reason was because I couldn’t pull it off. After hours of applying makeup, fake blood and tearing strips of my flowing dress the transformation into a terrifying zombie was complete.


Most of the class would be there by now and, walking alone to the door with music blaring through the open windows, I felt some reluctance but I pushed on. Entering the room, I knew immediately that I didn’t belong as a ripple of murmurs circled me.

I tried to remain calm, yet that self-awareness came flooding back as my heartbeat quickened.

A girl standing near me said, “That looks great.”

“Thanks,” I replied with a weak smile but as she turned to her friends I saw her secretly point and laugh. The blood came rushing to my cheeks and warm tears built up in my eyes. I ran past the rows of piercing eyes straight to the bathroom, not able to hold them back any longer and let the tears flow out as quivering sobs shook my whole body. I pulled out a tissue and dabbed at my tears, not wanting to ruin the makeup any further, and returned to the party.

Everyone was dancing around maniacally now but I turned to leave as the music got louder,

“Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper.”

Then I saw him standing there, dressed all in black. No-one else noticed him but something about him allured me. His unblinking eyes fixated on the clock on the wall were mesmerising.

He suddenly turned and gazed deep into my eyes.

My face started to burn red as I pretended to look elsewhere, but I saw him walking over out of the corner of my eye.

As he reached me, I felt my chest moving up and down in rhythm with my quickened breathing and throbbing heartbeat.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked, holding out his hand and enticing me forward. I placed my hand in his silently and as he stared into me I felt naked.

He pulled me towards him with a gentle power.

“Are you ready?” he whispered.

A blissful calm spread through my body as I realised that I was ready. I held him tightly and closed my eyes peacefully with the music coursing through my body …

“And she had no fear
And she ran to him, then they started to fly
They looked backward and said goodbye, she had become like they are”