The Don McCrady Invitational Award

This award sponsored by Don McCrady due 3 June 2018



For the Love of Perverts | Joey To
The Ray of Hope | Sachin Sharma
Love Struck | Katie Brice
Salt Can Heal All Wounds | Jenilee Chen
The Stream of Vengeance | Abhilasha Sharma
Back On The Horse | Rob Madden
Narina | Daphne Olivier
The Perils of Prague | Darajabi Nnamani
The Last Day The Sun Danced | Liam Pender
Colonising Mars | Ella Jones

Writing Prompt

Don McGrady’s graciously put up $30 for this award. There aren’t too many requirements, just put in your best short story within a 300 word count and include the following:

  • An unexpected sunset
  • A hammer not made of metal
  • Salt on a fresh wound


All genres are welcome and encouraged.

Word Count

300 words max. No minimum word count.

Due Date

This story is due Sunday 3 June 2018


All authors are eligible for this award.


  • First prize receives $30 AUD.
  • All entries receive feedback from judges by request.

Entry Format

A cover image is no longer a prerequisite, but we still love them. All cover images must be in 4:3 format landscape (not portrait). Most photo editing programs give you that option. If you’re using your phone, try the Snapseed app, it has lots of cool features as well. Another recommendation is Pixlr.

If including a cover image, ensure that you own the rights to that image or that you have permission, or that the image carries a free license. Make the filename of the image the name of your story and include a backlink to the source in the body text at the bottom of your story.

Also include:

In the body text:

  • Title
  • Author name
  • Award name

(Optional) Intro – 150 characters

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Don McCrady Invitational Award