So you’re sitting on the floor

and you’re detailing and more

how you see yourself and see the way things are

And through the gestures of your fingers

I can see the sadness lingers

As you falter that you’ve only got this far


But I wonder if you could

Step outside you, if you would

Take a moment, stop and see you through my eyes

Because I know that in a spark,

we are born and then it’s dark

But there’s days and time between that, please realise…


There are those who spread their poison

Thread the needle with that venom

Patch and piece together shelter –  and they hide

they reach and claw at ragged edges,

snakes and leeches, poison netted

Try to ignore the truth that’s haunting them outside


If you reap just what you sow

Then surely you must know

That the way they are is not the way of you

Because all you’ve done is tread the line

And it’s just taking its time

For what deserves to come to you to come to true


When the bitterness is surging

Take it, use it, feel it purging

Let it lift and feel it rising from within

Because the way they live their life

Shallow hearted, bitter spite

Is not you – it’s them, its her, it’s those, it’s him
Can you take those little shards

Build a shelter for your heart

Cover over while they try to quash again

Then swallow whole that gritty rubble

And stack it higher, taller, double

Build it stronger than you were when they began
I can afford from my good graces

To give you pieces for those places

Where there’s nothing where the something used to be

Because I want to give to you

something honest, something true

and they’ll get back what they’re given, you will see.