Short Story About Suicide | Excuses by Sebastian Melbourne


With Pyschological Horror as the theme for this week’s award we are guaranteed some deep and creepy short stories. 

We begin with Sebastian Melbourne’s ‘EXCUSES’. Melbourne doesn’t pull and punches with this quickfire short story about suicide that begins like Kafka’s Metamorphosis before changing gears into a Herman Hess like dream state and finally pulling out the Poe.

Melbourne isn’t afraid of the dark, but you might be once you’ve finished with this story. Read on if you dare.


A Story About Suicide

By Sebastian Melbourne


I laid there for days, before anyone began to notice I hadn’t left the house. I could feel them peering into my darkened room trying to find any sort of indication of life. But nothing. I could hear their mumbles and their whispering: I haven’t heard anything for days? shall I go and check? Yet, they never came. They ignored my futile existence by reassuring themselves with deplorable excuses which tucked away their inadequate worry.

I felt myself being picked up, so elegantly until I stood straight. A sinister, echoing cry was moving around the room. A cold breeze behind, pushed me forward into my old room, as I followed the cry, and there he was. My husband. I could see through the tiny crack that he was knelt down, hysterically crying. I began to run towards to what was once my love, but was unable to move. I was sprinting, but stayed stationary. A massive boom echoed and shook the whole house, and the door swung open and clattered against the wooden frame. There, next to my crying husband was his replica. He laid there, covered with alcohol and drugs, and sick bubbling out of his mouth. Then it hit me, thousands and thousands of lost memories rushing around me, flashbacks popping back into my emptied soul reminding me of my previous existence.

“Cowardly Jack. Cowardly. You piece of shit. Absolute shit! She was your everything, and you let her die. You let her leave everything, abandon her family because she didn’t even think she was good enough.” His paroxysmal fury intoxicated him, as he began to violently throw our belongings at his replica. He threw until he had nothing left, and was reduced to the floor beside his replica.

The floor beneath me began to soften, and I started sinking through it. Carelessly flapping my arms in desperation to escape. Suddenly, the floor vanished, and I felt myself falling. Falling for what seemed like an eternity, being haunted by the darkest thoughts who teased me as I fell. Until it abruptly, then stopped, and I felt the snake around my neck, which tempted me into self-annihilation. The chair fell, and I felt the air tiptoeing it’s way out of my lungs, taking with it the last bit of life with it. Reality kicked in, the snake which wrapped itself around me tightened and lost its features while it began to return into it’s body until it formed rope. Tick tock. Time skips by, my clock whispered. I could hear my husband downstairs, screaming, destroying our home until it was no more. Countless years lead me to take death’s hand to my judgement. Mumma always told me God only takes the best. But I am hanging here, helpless, reduced to nothing – and yet, God hasn’t said a word.


EXCUSES – A Story About Suicide first appeared in the JUST A POE BOY Writing Contest

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