Extermination | Daniel Norrish


Daniel Norrish

To The Nines Part 8

The devils had been giggling and congratulating each other before they saw their captain fall. Now, Alice lay defeated and her horde of ‘indestructible’ cannibals realised they too were mortal.

Antonio and I lashed out with a new fervour and we charged back into the underground darkness with knives and clubs and rifles to hunt our weakened enemies. The beasts were frightened and they hid from us in cupboards and under the steel laboratory tables. We moved slowly, but with a vigilant hatred, from one room to another. We found them cowering by the corpses of their victims and we ignored their pleas for mercy.

The people we located were not human anymore. This infection or disease or cure, whatever you want to call it, had forced them to crave the flesh of their own species. They were powerful and dangerous and contagious; they all had to be exterminated and as I stole the final rasping breath from each of them, I knew I was infected too.

Eventually, Antonio and I moved into the last chamber of that terrifying facility. We were the only two survivors from the outside and we came across one more devil to be vanquished.
She crouched in the corner with her back to the wall. She was utterly soaked in blood and the horrible crimson liquid appeared black in the dim light from my torch. She growled at us and her fingers were so straight and tense they looked like spider legs.

“Virginie,” I began, “I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

“Happened to me? Why do you act like you’re anything different? You’re down here too; you’ll be a ghoul soon,” she spat the words at me with a fiendish grin

“It doesn’t matter. I can turn a gun on myself as easily as I can point one at you. How would you like to die?”

She started screaming and swearing and banging on the wall behind her and it wasn’t the bullets or a blade that ended that horrible sound; it was my pair of trembling fists.

“It’s done. Now it’s our turn,” I said as I looked back to Antonio.

He nodded and replied, “We need to destroy this place. There’s still fuel in the petrol tank of the van you drove down the stairs.”

It took almost two hours, but eventually we had piled everything portable up beside the crashed vehicle. It was the foulest, most disgusting sight imaginable. There were parts of people and pieces of machines all clumped together in a single mass of flammable regret beside a full tank of petrol.

Antonio and I stood side by side at the other end of the room and I said, “Are you ready? After we do this, we need to end ourselves.”


“Are you afraid?”


“Alright, it’s time,” I said. We had gathered up all the firearms and we had them strapped to us as if we were about to wage some terrible war in a country without its own source of ammunition.

I raised the rifle sight to my eye and focussed on the combustible belly of the vehicle. As I was about to pull the trigger, I felt something solid smash into the back of my skull. I fell to the floor and I could sense myself being dragged forward in a dopey haze.

Antonio’s voice rang out into the echoing chamber. “Do you really think I’m going to kill myself? Why? We’re immortal and no one in the rest of the world even knows we exist.”

I didn’t even have time to object before I heard the gunshots. The explosion filled my world and an almighty, debilitating percussion slammed into my side. There was fire everywhere and I could feel the searing burn as it wrapped my entire body.

Please, you must believe me, Antonio is alive and he’s ravenous and he’s coming for YOU!