The Feeling | James Croker

It’s easy to get hooked on a feeling.

The Feeling

James Croker

The National Bored Band Award

Cram bowed his head and shuffled nervously away from the court as the reporters circled the steps leading to the court. He imagined the headlines in tomorrow’s newspapers; Former rock star pleads guilty to assaulting parents, next to photos of his bloated, dishevelled frame. He ambled into a slight jog and forced his way into the nearest taxi. He appeased the driver with some small talk before asking to be driven to his old studio on the west side of town.

The radio was tuned to the most popular station in town and it was drive time. The hosts were Reidy and the Gobbler. News of Cram’s plea must have just filtered out to them. “And in more interesting news” said Reidy, “former lead singer of the Inverts, Cram, has been charged with assaulting his mother.”

Gobblerinterjected to play fart noise sound effects and comment with “Maybe they should also charge him with crimes against the music industry for the woeful past 3 albums he’s released.”

“Change this please!” exclaimed Cram from the backseat.

The taxi approached the old studio and Cram exited to enter the small complex with his studio on the third level. The corrections order given to Cram meant that he couldn’t go within 1 kilometre of his parents’ house. Not that he cared. He’d been living in his old studio under the mixing desk off and on for 3 years. The lease would end in 2 weeks though so he had to think quick about his next home.

Cram sighed as he walked into the studio. Opposite the mixing desk was a photo of the band in their prime. Backstage at the Paradise Festival. The 2nd biggest festival in the USA. This had been their glory moment. Just after they had sold their hit single ‘The Feeling’ to i-melody, the leading worldwide digital music platform.

The past 5 years had seen the slow death of The Inverts. From playing the leading festivals, radio play, the front cover of magazines to not been able to fill small pubs and their record company sacking them. His bandmates had all slowly jumped ship or were asked to leave. The first incident was the homophobic tweet made by the drummer after he’d down a bottle of Jameson. The 2nd incident was the plagiarism case after ‘The Feeling’ was found to be too similar to a certain Villains track from the 70’s. The assault was the final straw.

Cram grabbed a bottle of vodka and the remaining 160mg of his oxycodone. The decision didn’t take long. The world was falling apart around him and he needed an out. He put on their number one hit and slowly faded away to nothing as he imbibed the last of his meds. The chorus played “Never forget the feeling, never forget the feeling…”

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