The First Rule of Nabokov Award

This one-off award is due on Sunday 29nd January. ( Amended)



Not Worthy | Jewel Eliese

Small Potatoes | Ellen Macpherson

Bonded by Murder | Tigest G Negussie

Another Saturday Night | Adrian Smither

Lost Letters | Jenni French

The Confessions of Le Superian, Le Animateur, Le Merveilleux | Will Christopher Partridge

Searchers | George Britton

The Prince | Ash Warren

Cassandra Lies | Hansmitta

A Women’s Disease | Catherine Haines

A Bone of Contention | Terry Spring

Writing Prompt

For this award you will create a short story in which the narrator is not to be trusted. It may be apparent straight away, or you may save the twist for the end, but the unreliability of the narrator is a must.

Your narrator might be deliberately lying to us, or they may believe a different version of events from the truth. Either way, what they tell us cannot entirely be trusted.

You have 1000 words, and an open genre in which to deceive us.



Word Count

Up to 1000 treacherous words. No minimum.

Due Date


This award is due by Sunday 29nd January. There are no time zone restrictions. As long as it is Sunday somewhere then you can enter.


First prize receives 5000 words feedback from NiTH team on a story or manuscript of your choosing.
All entries receive feedback from judges by request.

Entry Format



A cover image is no longer a prerequisite, but we still love them. All cover images must be in 4:3 format landscape (not portrait). Most photo editing programs give you that option. If you’re using your phone, try the Snapseed app, it has lots of cool features as well. Another recommendation is Pixlr.

If including a cover image, ensure that you own the rights to that image or that you have permission, or that the image carries a free license. Make the filename of the image the name of your story and include a backlink to the source in the body text at the bottom of your story.

Also include:


Author name

(Optional) Intro – 150 characters

You can submit your story here