The votes are in, The points tallied, all that remains is too announce our first ever award winner. Congratulations to:

Nathan Boole

Nathan’s was the most ambitious submission, painting the portraits of three damaged people. His use of chronological jump cuts adds depth to the storytelling and even though it was our longest piece, it was also surprisingly economical. A strong sense of character is present in Boole’s writing, as is the ability to take risks. Not always a good thing, but we look forward to seeing where he takes us from here.

The competition was incredibly close.  The judges actually voted in a three way tie. The overwhelming response from the readership pushed Boole ahead of Fink and Ross, but neither runner up should be discouraged.

Jason was praised for his direct, humorous approach. His response to the quick question was also excellent. Emma’s submission moved judge Joyce Chng to remark “I love the horrific and dark end of the story. Very chilling,”

Nathan’s prize is $50. There will also be short list  prizes for Emma and Jason, which I will be blogging about shortly.

That concludes our first award. Thanks to our judges Joyce Chng and Derek Haines. Thanks also to everyone who submitted. The ROSA, our monthly award for november, is still open. Hear over to the awards page to check it out.