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Overnight we snuck past three hundred followers on twitter.

That’s a decent effort, if you consider we’re only been live for 2 weeks.

As promised, there’s going to be a reward. Now I know you’re all busy writing up your submissions for the ROSA. But it is Nanowrimo time, so you should have plenty of words to spare.  A flash comp is what you think it is; A quick fire competition, 48 hours to submit, a short list for a couple of days, and then a winner.

Duration: 2pm 15 Nov 2012 until 2pm 17 Nov 2012 (Australian Eastern Standard Time… check your world clocks everybody)

Wordcount is: 50 – 400

Winner pockets $50

Submit to: needleinthehaywritingcomp (@)

Here’s the criteria.

If you don’t already know, the CIA has been in a bit of hot water lately over it’s former head, Gen David Petraeus, letting his secret squeeze Paula Broadwell play around with his Gmail account. There’s a lot more to it then that, but I’ll leave it the news agencies to uncover. What I want from you is this:

A fictionalised email conversation involving at least 2 and no more than 5 characters. The piece should be titled “An Appropriate Response.”

Update: The characters are of your choosing. They can be fictional.  

Best of luck, and that you all for following.

Now get writing!


- The Ed