The Lemonade Carbonade Award

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In the grim concrete sprawl of the future, it’s up to one down on-his-luck-private dick to protect our lemonade stands.

A Future Hardboiled Detective Contest

The Lemonade Carbonade Award


Short List & Winner Announcement

Read the full short list and winner announcement here.

Writing Prompt

Setting your story in an alternative future, near future, or failed future, writing a piece of fiction with your take on the hard boiled detective genre. Does not have to be Cyberpunk, but it can be.

Short Story Contest Guidelines

  • Due Date

    All stories due 6 September 2015

  • Word Count

    No more than 800 of your most gritty, streetwise prose

  • Prizes

    First prize receives 5000 words feedback from NiTH team. All short listed authors receive feedback on their story.

Story Requirements

  • Characters

    Users tropes of the hardboiled detective genre. Feel free to invert those tropes as needed.

  • Setting

    It can be set anywhere, but include your future vision of the ‘Lemonade Stand’ as part of the story.

  • Special Requirements

    • Use the titles of at least two well known Cyberpunk books in your story. Word play is acceptable ( Altered Carbon / ‘altered car bomb’) but not necessary. If you need help, try NiTH’s list of 5 Cyberpunk’s books to read before you disconnect
    • Hard boiled detective fiction is a good chance to try your hand at the unreliable narrator. This article can help with that: Unreliable Narrator

Entry Format

Include the title, author name and contest name like this:

Write your own intro, no more than 150 characters. If you can’t do this leave it blank.


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Where do I Enter?

Enter at our Submissions page.

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  1. Forgive my potentially daft question but does ‘due 6 Sep’ mean that 23.59.59 on the 6th is the last time to submit, or is it the day before?

    Also please could you tell me what time are you running on? GMT?

    Thanks in advance (:

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