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Working from home has its pros and cons.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Sarah Nesbitt

To Pant or Not To Pant Award

Jim rolled over in bed, towards the irritating buzzing. He shoved his mobile in the drawer. For God’s sake, couldn’t they leave him alone? It was only… he inched one eye open, the room was bright! He fished out the phone. 9am. No wonder they were buzzing.

He threw the phone down on the bed and headed for the shower. This was his day off, dammit, to hell with work.

As the warm water rushed over his face, his rage swelled. He’d had Thursdays off for over a year, but for the past 18 weeks (he’d counted), they were on at him without fail.
Ironic really. They said Mary couldn’t work from home, they worried she’d just go shopping. But Jim could have Thursdays off, unpaid, as long as he worked from home.

The logic of big business.

Jim switched the shower off and wrapped a towel around his middle, hair still dripping. He checked the phone. 6 calls from Peter. The guy had only started Monday, he didn’t have a fucking clue what was going on.

At 10am Jim fired up his computer. Normally he just phone it in but today Organstein were going to sign, after four long months.
The monitor flicked on and then off. Pity work wouldn’t pay for his home office. He phoned Peter who put him on speaker.

“Great, I think we’re done.” Jim said. “We’ll courier the contract to you today. Welcome aboard.”

Jim hit end on the phone and stood, stretching. He bent double, reaching for his toes but grasped his calves instead. Thank God for yoga that afternoon.

His phone rang and he snatched it up.

“Deal’s done, Pete, don’t worry.” Jim said

“You haven’t turned off your computer,” Peter said, his voice urgent.


“You need to terminate the conference hookup, the clients can still see you.”

Jim paled as his eyes travelled to the blank monitor. He depressed the start button, forcing shut down.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT.” In a flash, Jim realised why Peter was calling him. It was the stretching. Jim wasn’t wearing any pants.

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Sarah NesbittTo Pant or Not to Pant Award