Flintlocks & Folly Serial Award

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Four authors compete in an award about high seas, ghost ships, secret islands, magic, mystery, plunder and the occasional blunderbuss.


Snowing In Capricorn | Ryan D Mills

“The gasoline they use at sea can give you headaches, bad dreams maybe, but it’s just a physical thing.

The Tarot is fuelled by desire. I’ve drawn a card on my best friend’s wake.”

Act 1: It Might As Well Be Magic (Suit of Cups)

Say For Me Those Old-Fashioned Words (Suit of Batons)

At Long Last Love (Suit of Swords)

The Argonauta’s Prey | Jessica Seymour

For three hundred years the crew about the airship Argonauta have rules the skies. They thought they had seen everything. 

They were wrong. 

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Blood & Discovery | Daniel Norrish

Stuck on an island with cannibals, Taribald must do everything he can to survive.

Act 1: Fingers

Act 2: The Mutiny

Act 3: A Ship

Spirits | Lydia Trethewey

Magic and piracy aboard the Siofra as sailor and passenger alike approach the World-line.

Act 1