Follow Up Announcement for Major Comp Participants

Hello everyone,

First up thanks for your patience with the Major Comp. For regular Needle competitors I understand it can be a bit frustrating when we normally move alot faster.

The thing about the major comp is, well, it’s a significant distruption to our usual routine.

Because we rely on volunteers we can’t just ‘pay people overtime’ to make it happen. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get each major comp over the line.

But no one bleeds as much as the authors. You folks are the reason we have this contest, the reason we have the whole website.

Competing in short story competitions can be a harsh vocation. Certainly, one of the reasons NiTH exists is to establish community spirit within the competition space.

Those who have been with us from the start know that the original concept was always to make competitions.more responsive to writer needs. That’s why we offer feedback and community resources where possible.

Every year I’m undecided whether a major competition is the right idea. Not just because of the disruption, but because it feels like an ‘old school’ way of doing things.

But every year we’re delighted with beautiful, engaging and surprising new stories.

In keeping with the community focus. This year’s winner receives half of the total prize pool of entry fees.

Our winner was Jacqueline Trott is with mesmeric Lover’s Tangle. That half is $300

That leaves $300 split among he remaining 12 shortlisters. But to make it easy, we’re pitching in $60 to make it $30 a piece.

The prize winnings will being going out next week.

We also have feedback for everyone! Shortlisters included. Though this will take much longer to get though as we need to vet each piece of feedback to protect jury anonymity and ensure it’s providing value to the author. We’ll do this as quickly as we can, but please be patient, as we’re also returning to our regular scheduled awards cycle.

Thanks again everyone for participating. It was a remarkable contest with some great entries. If you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Thank you and all the best

Martin Ross

Founder | Needle in the Hay