The Forest: Part 2 | Daryn Govender

A medical condition. A question. A return.

The Forest: Part 2

Daryn Govender

Wolves II: Vows

I awoke with my head thumping. My eyes focused and glanced around a bland, sterile room. Apart from the bed I slept in, and a bedside table, the room was nearly empty. I slowly dragged my feet onto the floor and hobbled across the smooth surface.

A nurse peered in with surprise. ‘You should really get some rest’ she advised, nudging me back towards the bed.

‘Am I okay?’

‘I’m not sure about that, but I do know you need to rest. The doctor will be in soon to see you.’

The doctor arrived soon enough. She had a friendly face etched with lines of worry.

‘You suffered a minor head injury when you fell and blacked out. Those animals left a puncture mark in your ankle. It’s been dressed but we will need to make sure your vaccinations are up to date. There is one final matter though…’


‘When you came in your vital signs were a bit abnormal. Elevated heart rate, high blood pressure. Your blood test revealed high cholesterol. We want to keep you in for further observation.’

I breathed in deeply. The doctor went off to her next patient.

My dad had died of a heart attack years ago. But he had the risk factors for years and we knew what was coming. The thoughts kept on racing in my head, but were interrupted by a sharp knock.

The door opened to reveal a Police Officer in full kit. He took off his hat and approached the bed.

‘Sorry to disturb you Mr Brooks, I’m Constable Adams. I’m told you’re okay to answer a few questions.’

‘Sure, if it’s not too long.’

‘Could you please recount what happened yesterday night?’

I walked the Constable through what happened up to the point blacking out.

‘Wolves you say?’

‘I’m pretty sure that’s what they were.’

‘We haven’t been able to track them down. Are you sure they weren’t dogs?’

‘I’m sure of it. The howls were very distinctive.’

‘That’s all I have to ask you for now. I’ll be in touch if I have any news’

‘Constable, what happened to the driver of the damaged car?’

‘We’ve spoken to him but he didn’t mention any howling or wolves. He was lucky enough to be unscathed and walked off along the road to find road reception. The rain washed away any scents so our dogs found nothing.’

Constable Adams said his goodbyes and left the room.

I was certain that I was attacked by wolves. But how could I know for sure?

I hadn’t noticed in my daze, but there were some flowers on the bedside table. Red chrysanthemums. That could only mean one thing. My sister was back.