What are the workshops?

NiTH’s free online writing workshops are an opportunity for writers to get together in a structured environment, write and workshop their own short story from brief through first and second drafts, into a final edit fit for publishing.

Throughout October 2015 we’ll be offering courses in two formats.

1) Egan Workshop 2000 – 5000 words
2) Hemingway workshop 6000 -10000 words.

Both workshops will run from the 1st to 31st of October.

Workshops will take place in the Needle In The Hay forum workshop space with members of the NiTH team handling administration, motivation and assisting with feedback.

The workshop sections will only be accessible by workshop attendees.

Can I apply to both workshops?

You are welcome to apply for both courses, so long as you think that can complete two workshops in one month (with two separate works of fiction).

Do I have to write a specific type of fiction?

Any type of fiction is welcome, including

  • Literary and realist
  • Speculative, Sci Fi and Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Creative Nonfiction

Here’s how the program works

1) Workshop Application

You’ll need to apply for the workshop first. To do so, fill out the following form.

Workshop Application Form

2) Confirmation

Upon acceptance to the workshop you’ll be sent a schedule outlining the due dates for each round of drafts.

3) Schedule

Once numbers are confirmed, you’ll also receive a feedback schedule. Every workshop attendee will be required to complete feedback for one other member per round of drafts. We’ll try and match you up with writers who can both challenge and relate to one another.

NiTH volunteers will be on hand to also provide guidance, including regular email updates to keep you motivated and on track.

The aim of these free online writers workshops is to complete a polished written piece of work in a single month. So expect to be pushed to get your writing done, hell or high water, etc etc.

If you are a #Nanowrimo type, this is also a good warm up for November.

Spots are limited to 20 per workshop, so get in quick!

Complete the Workshop Application Form