Maya walked into the old, abandoned house. Debris was cracking underneath her boots as she advanced carefully. Maybe this was a mistake?

The house was only a few miles from hers, and stood a bit apart from all the other houses. People avoided it by all means, and rumor had it that it was spooked. A man was said to have brutally murdered his whole family with an axe, before he had used it to kill himself, right in this house.

Maya took a few more steps down the hallway. Thick cobwebs and layers of dust were everywhere. The paint on the walls was cracked and some spots had completely blistered off.

What was I doing here again?

Maya thought back to the note she had left on the kitchen table for her boyfriend, Mike. This place will surely be kinky enough. She started looking for what she had come for. In her head, she recited again what she had written down earlier.

Come to the spooky house down on Oak Lane. I will be there, waiting for you. I promise it will be good. Don’t make me wait too long. Bring a condom.

She passed room after room, and threw a peek in each of them. One of the rooms had big dark red spots all over its walls. Maya didn’t dare think about what could have happened in there, and she quickly went to the next room.

Maybe I should go back?

Her boyfriend should have been home already though, and was probably reading her note by now, or even on his way. Leaving now would mean admitting defeat, and that was the one thing Maya would never do.

When she descended into the basement, she finally found the spot she was looking for. This will be perfect. She passed the sturdy door and entered the cellar space. In the middle of the room, she stopped and looked around, examining every corner of it. She took a long look at the small, barred window that was sitting high above at the ceiling and nodded decisively.

She took a key from her pocket, and placed it on the worn, dusty table near the door. Then she started to take her clothes off.

When she had stripped down to her bra and panties, she hesitated for a second. Maybe I should keep them on? But then, she decided that the sight of finding her totally nude would push her boyfriend to unseen heights, and she took them off as well.

Naked, she bowed down over her clothes and took the cuffs out of the same pocket where the key had been. She walked over to the wall with the window, and reached up to put the cuffs around one of the bars.

Last chance to get out, now while I still can. But she knew it was already too late. She had started this kinky game, and now she had to play it till the very end. She took a deep breath, and locked both ends of the cuffs around her wrists while she was facing the room.

Totally helpless and naked, she did the only thing she could do anymore. She waited.

Twenty minutes later, she shifted her balance again, wondering why Mike hadn’t arrived yet.

After forty minutes, she started feeling a cramp in her arms.

After an hour, Maya was worried sick. He can’t be that slow. Why isn’t he here yet? Is he watching me from the dark corridor outside the door? And why is –

Her thoughts were cut off abruptly when the heavy door slammed shut.


Maya found herself in total darkness for a moment, but then her eyes got adapted to the sparse light that flowed through the small window above her head. The light fell directly onto the door across the room, which was now firmly closed.

Must have been a draft, she thought. She didn’t recall feeling one though.

Suddenly, a thought entered her mind that brought goose bumps all over her naked body. Something could have happened. What if the note has been blown off the table and whirled down underneath a cupboard? What if Mike had an accident on his way over? Or even on his way home, never reading my note?

She realized she couldn’t free herself. The key she had placed on the table was the key to the cuffs, and was far outside of her reach. It had seemed like an exciting idea to hand over this amount of power to Mike. Exciting to herself as well. But what if it turns out to be a nightmare?

Suddenly, Maya heard noises. She listened intensely. There they are again, those must be footsteps. The source of them seemed to be upstairs, and Maya stared impatiently at the cellar door for it to open. She felt her excitement taking over from her fear. He is here. I can’t wait to see his face when he finds me like this. Will he be gentle, or will he be rough? Would I care for either?

After a few minutes, the door still hadn’t moved. Maya kept staring at it, praying for it to open and reveal the smirk on Mike’s face. The noises were clearly audible now. Someone was walking around on the floor above, from the sound of them.

She cursed her boyfriend for taking his time. The temperature had dropped and she was shivering in her unclothed state and from the lack of movement. Come on, you jerk. Why don’t you come downstairs and search the basement? Everyone knows when you want kinky sex in an abandoned house, the basement is perfect for that, you moron!

Still, the door she was starting to hate remained shut. She spoke to it in silence, and ordered it to swing open. The door refused to obey.

Suddenly, she became aware that the footsteps were gone. How long already? Where they any closer when they stopped? Could he be outside the door, listening?

She wanted to shout to let him hear where she was, but then a new thought entered her mind and refrained her from doing so.

What if it wasn’t him?


Slowly, the object that had become the center of Maya’s hatred was fading away. It was not the door that was fading, but the light that was beaming through the barred window. Oh God, night is falling and Mike is still not here.

The door disappeared completely from her sight, and Maya realized that it had been the last thing that she had been able to see. It had been not only the focus of her curses, but also her reality check, the one thing of which she had been sure.

And now it was gone, taking her last hold on sanity along. Her arms were cramping severely now, and she feared hypothermia. Her body wouldn’t stop trembling anymore, and her legs were starting to feel wobbly. How long have I been standing here already? Three hours? Four?

The game had been over long ago. There was only one thing on her mind anymore, and that was to get loose. Why has Mike not shown up? she kept wondering.

She started doubting her senses. Several times, she thought that she saw flashes of light in the room, but when she whirled her head to look, there was nothing to see. Only the darkness remained, and the image of the door branded on her retina. No matter where she turned her head, she could see the dirty wood and its splinters. If I ever get free of these cuffs, I will smash that door into firewood.

Suddenly she lifted her head up. What was that? Was that a bang? Was I asleep? She didn’t know what was real or imagination anymore. The only thing she knew was that she was cuffed naked to a window, underneath an abandoned house.


With a shock, Maya woke. Where am I? What happened?

For a moment, she believed it had been all a dream. Then a searing pain went through all her muscles and made her scream out. The pain brought it all back, and she was now feeling very sorry for having fallen asleep in her awkward position.

After her protesting muscles gave up their attempt to get her to walk around, she started looking around. The room was still dark, but not pitch dark anymore. She realized dawn was coming, and tried to estimate how many hours she was clung to the window already. It must be almost twelve hours!

Suddenly, she heard voices – there was definitely more than one – and they were coming closer. She tried to make herself as small as possible, covering her nakedness as much as she could. How can you cover yourself when cuffed with your arms up?

There was a screaming noise coming from the door’s hinges, and Maya felt a cold wind blowing over her body. Her nose started to drip, and there was no way she could prevent it from running over her lips and onto her chest.

A slick voice cut through the silence of the cellar. “This nineteen-gram shit is a drag.”

“I dun make the laws. Nineteen is carrying, twenty is dealing.”

A light cone shone on the walls, but missed Maya. Two men entered the cellar; one of them was holding a flashlight. After his quick scan of the room, he used his light to see his mate.

“I need another quarter, got any?”

“I sold you one yester.”

“Some friends came over. How much? Fourteen-hundred?”

Maya was holding her breath. Apparently, some drug deal was happening right in front of her and she was scared to death they would discover her.

“What is this dump anyway?”

“Some lame house. Fuckers think there’s ghosts in here cause an ole bastard with an axe chopped a hole in his family’s heads.”

They both snickered, and Maya was praying they would leave soon.

“Have you tried this shit yet?”

At that moment, Maya’s shoulder decided to start a new protest. The screaming pain surprised her and she couldn’t suppress a moan.

“Holy shit!”

She was blinded by the flashlight and knew her luck was over. The least she was facing now was a gang rape, where they would call their homies to come feast upon the helpless blonde girl.

What she couldn’t see was the stunning contrast between her pale skin and the dark and filthy room. The effect of her hands raised above her head topped the scene, and made her look like an angry ghost that was coming after the lewd intruders of her peace.

The two junkies – still high from their recent score which only added to the effect Maya was having on them – screamed their lungs out of their body and ran back into the corridor. They slammed the door shut in a silly attempt to keep the ghost in, and ran up the stairs. Maya could hear their screams and footsteps all through the house until they faded away when they left the building.

The room wasn’t left in darkness again though. On the floor, the flashlight – still lit- was left behind, it’s cone of light shining directly on the cellar door.


When daylight broke, Maya’s tongue felt like sandpaper. For the umpteenth time, she cursed herself for being this stupid. Cuffing myself naked inside an abandoned cellar. What the hell was I thinking?

The junkies hadn’t returned, and she didn’t expect them to either. She was doomed. Mike obviously wouldn’t show up, and would have no clue where to find her, should he even be looking for her. No one would ever find her down there.

She reached the point where she chose life above fear, and started to scream for help. A long hour, she screamed with everything she could bring up, pausing now and then to check whether anyone was answering. When she finally gave up, her legs failed on her and she tumbled towards the ground.

She ended up hanging on her arms when they were totally outstretched, and she got the feeling her joints were going to be ripped apart. She started crying in spasms.

She managed to climb back to her feet, and spent the rest of morning in a state of half-consciousness. Her mind was blank and her body started to stiffen. She started suffering from thirst which was making her disoriented. She heard voices in her head which suggested all kinds of crazy things, like chewing her hands off at her wrists to get herself free. If she could have reached them, she might have even given it a try.

Somewhere in the afternoon, a loud bang sounded from the main floor, bringing her back to her senses. She tried to scream for help, but her throat was raw and dry, and she could only produce a few whimpers. Not enough to catch the attention of whoever was up there.

For an abandoned house, there sure is a lot of traffic around here, a rare sarcastic thought flashed through her mind.

She was listening intensely if she could hear anything more, when a loud hissing sound right above her head made her heart almost fail. She managed to look up, ignoring the protests of her neck, and gazed eye-to-eye with a big grey feral cat that was sticking its head through the bars of the window.

Maya felt whiskers tickling her fingers, and then suddenly nails were dug in the back of her hand. Maya moaned hard, and tried to push it off, causing the feline’s hunting instincts to put her other paw in her other hand.

My hand is going to end up as cat food! Suddenly, loud barking approached fast and with a final hiss, the cat disappeared. The dog chasing it had no eye for the thing it had been playing with, and his bawling was growing fainter as quickly as it had arrived.

The only thing that they hadn’t taken along was the new pain emerging from Maya’s hands.


If I will survive this, I swear I won’t have sex ever again. I’ll even join a convent!

Maya must have made a dozen promises already, but she was still imprisoned against the cellar’s wall. The rough bricks had cut her back and she felt she was bleeding from several tiny wounds.

I hope the flesh will have rotted from my bones before they ever find me, so I would at least been granted that last dignity.

Her thoughts of the past hours had started to be fatalistic. She was giving up, and was becoming cynical in her situation. When the loud noise started, she almost didn’t notice as she was drifting afar on the ocean of her thoughts.

Suddenly, it came to her senses, and she lifted her head up. What is that sound? Is that drilling?

From the sound of it, someone had started to tear walls apart above her. The drilling alternated with the sound of falling bricks. Someone is tearing down the place!

She tried to yell, but her weak voice was no match for the deafening racket. She tried to rattle the cuffs against the iron bar, anything that could attract the attention of the person handling that drill.

He must be wearing ear protectors, Maya suddenly realized. I’ll have to wait until he takes a break.

From another place in the house, loud hammer blows joined in. It must be a whole construction team. Here’s my chance.

She waited impatiently until the sounds would finally cease. It felt like late afternoon when they finally did. Oh no, they are probably going home!

Maya started making all the noise she could again. After a while, she stopped and listened. The house remained in silence. Are they still here?

Suddenly, someone knocked hard on the door. “Is there someone in there?”

“Y-yes… yes… h-help me.” Maya tried to yell as hard as she could, which was little more than a whisper. The door suddenly opened under its loud protest again, and a workman appeared. He was big and muscular, wearing a yellow helmet on his head and a utility belt around his waist. He looked like the type that would whistle at every women passing by on the street, and now he was looking with widened eyes at Maya on full display.

“WOW! Look at you,” he said appraisingly. Then he suddenly yelled, “Roger!”

Heavy boots bolted off the stairs and a second, even bigger man appeared next to his colleague. This one whistled softly between his lips. Maya could feel their eyes traveling over her body, and she averted her eyes.

“Is she your girlfriend, Adams?” said Roger.

“Hell no,” his pal answered. “I thought she was yours.”

“I wished.”

Suddenly, Maya could see their eyes lighting up, and she knew that they realized she could be theirs if they wanted. Adams looked at Roger with an impish grin.

God no, is there no decent person left at all in this neighborhood?

“We could have some fun with her,” Adams suggested. “She seems to be offering.”

“N-no, I am not,” Maya said hoarsely. “This was a mistake. A terrible mistake.”

The men’s smiles disappeared, but then Roger’s returned even bigger as he explained to his friend, “She’s roleplaying. Of course she’s offering. Why else would she be down here like this? She’s like one of those BMDS types.”

“BDSM,” Adams corrected. “Let’s keep her like she likes it then, all cuffed up and helpless.”

The men approached her, no longer weary. They stood next to Maya, each on a side, and admired her tight body while they licked their lips.

“Let me go,” Maya tried again. “It would be rape if you’d do what you’re planning.”

“Of course, ” Adams smirked. “And I bet you will scream the whole time too. And then we’ll set you free and have a good laugh about it behind a beer, right?”

He reached for his belt and started to unbuckle it. Maya whimpered in fear.


Suddenly, the heavy cellar door slammed shut once more. The three of them were startled, and the men whirled around to look at it. Standing in front of the door was a slender man with a handsome, honest face.

“That’s quite enough, scumbags,” said the newcomer. “Step away from the lady and leave her alone.”

“Go find your own lady,” sneered Roger back, implying clearly what he thought of the lady in question. “This one is already playing with us.”

“She happens to be my lady, Beluga. So back the fuck off.”

Mike, Maya shouted out in silence when she recognized his voice. It really is Mike! But then she felt her heart freezing. What the hell is Mike going to do against these two panzer tanks?

Her boyfriend wasn’t exactly a body builder or a Master in martial arts. A rather successful banker, he was more famous in bars for cracking one of his many jokes than for entering brawls. But there he was, insulting two big and mean bullies with no onlookers around to help him out.

Adams seemed in a hurry, as he was the first to approach Mike. “Okay pal. If you don’t want to listen…”

Maya felt desperation rising again. Her savior was this close, but was on the verge of getting assaulted as well. Who knows, they might even kill him!

She felt adrenaline racing through her body and determination gave her new strength. She saw Roger standing in front of her, preparing himself to join his mate in the lynch party that was called Mike, and she acted.

She pulled on her arms, ignoring their protests, and managed to lift herself up a bit. Then, with all the might she could bring up anymore, she thrust both of her legs forward while she kicked them up at the same time.

She hit Roger from behind, straight between his legs. The giant uttered a weak, high-pitched sound, and then went down like a bowling pin.

Maya let out a shriek of joy, but that was immediately cut off when her muscles took revenge and made her scream in pain for what she had done to them.

Meanwhile, Mike had dodged Adams’s first blow. Surprisingly, he also managed to drop below the second one, but the third one hit him against the side of his head. Spatters of blood fell on the door’s surface, where they seemed to seep in instantly.

Mike went down on the floor and the workman laughed triumphantly. He grabbed Mike’s neck with one hand and lifted his clenched fist for a blow that would surely send Mike out cold.

Mike suddenly lashed out with his own fist, in which he tightly clenched the object he had found on the floor. The flashlight hit Adams on the cheekbone, and his eyes rolled upward. He went down and fell on top of Mike’s legs.

Maya started seeing things again after the world had gone burning white for a while. She immediately saw Mike with the unconscious workman on top of his legs, and the peril her boyfriend was facing.

“Mike, look out!”

Too late, Mike saw Roger looming up behind him. The man’s face was deep red and both of his arms were lifted high above his head. In his hands, Roger held a steel hammer and it was poised at Mike’s head. His look reflected his will to murder.

Suddenly and without a peep, the heavy cellar door swung open behind Roger’s back. With a sickening thud, the door impacted his skull hard.

Roger’s hammer fell to the floor, and the giant man was spun around by the force of the blow. Maya could see a cleft in the back of his head, and felt her stomach turning at the sight.

When Roger hit the floor, the impact resonated into Maya’s feet. She looked at the door expectantly, but no one showed up on the other side.

Who the hell opened it with such force? she wondered. Then she noticed how Roger’s blood and hair where disappearing from the door’s edge. Later, she would call herself ‘partially insane because of the circumstances’, but Maya could have sworn at that time that the door had just drank Roger’s blood.

With the two bullies out cold, Mike hurried to Maya to check on her. He went to fetch the key and finally, Maya was freed from her awkward position. When she indicated she was okay ,Mike used the cuffs to lock the arms of the two assailants together. Finally, he took out his cell phone and called the police. While he did, Maya fell into the arms of her lover and passed out.

“I guess we won’t play tonight,” said Mike softly to the quiet room.


Maya couldn’t stop shivering . A blanket wrapped around her, she was no longer experiencing any cold but the events had taken their toll on her. An ambulance was on its way to have her checked up in the hospital, after her twenty-four hours lasting adventure.

Voraciously, she drank the “Coke” that one of the officers had given her. It was the best drink that she had ever tasted, even if it was actually a Pepsi.

Bert Adams and Roger Jenkins turned out to be copper thieves who stripped old abandoned houses from everything that was still worth something. It explained the footsteps Maya had heard before, when one of them had come to explore the house and see if there would be anything worthwhile to them.

Maya turned out to be hardly harmed by her adventure. The traumatic events had still to be processed of course, but she had come out okay given the circumstances, and could leave for home that same night.

Mike had explained to her he hadn’t come home the night before because there had been an issue at work with an important customer. He had texted Maya about it, but the girl had never seen the message on her cellphone. When he had finally come home the evening after, carrying a big bouquet of roses and the promise of a fat bonus, he had found Maya’s letter on the kitchen table. Mike had then raced as fast as he could to the old house.

“I guess we won’t be playing that game anymore,” he had joked when they had arrived back home from the hospital.

“I know of many more games though,” Maya had answered. “Oh, by the way. Do you happen to have a nun fetish?”


The bearded old man stood in the middle of the dark cellar. A pity the blonde has escaped, he thought, while he gazed at the wall where Maya had been cuffed in the past twenty-four hours. She would have been my feast tonight.

Thinking back of how good the blood of the fighting men had tasted, the man started to scan the floor. In spite of his age, he bowed down flexibly and picked the abandoned cuffs with their shackles off the floor. He put them in his bag of souvenirs.

And what’s this? he wondered, and took something else off the floor. It must have slipped out of the pocket of the smaller man. He looked at it from all angles, and could make out the word Durex. Shrugging, it went into the bag as well.

Satisfied over his trophy hunt of that night, he picked up his heavy axe with the red stained blade and disappeared into the heavy cellar door.