Gate Network Expands to the Delta Quadrant! \\ Science Fiction Short Story by Joey To

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TITANIA STATION (Uranus Journal) – To folks who want a vacation to the delta quadrant but can’t afford the latest gen-4 hyperdrive, we have great news!

GHOST Engineering has just announced a UE$1,207-octillion “Network Expansion Program”. After all, when it comes to outer-space transit, the gate network is the cheapest and fastest method. If there’s a gate station on the other end, then you can get there in seconds as opposed to spending months on a costlier cruise.

According to Lou West, manager of the Engineering Division at GHOST, “We’ve been planning to go to the delta quadrant for a few years.”

See, it’s all clear now. And this coming from their engineering department, not some PR intern.

Anyway, we are glad that GHOST—despite recent government inquiries of negligence and dive in shares—have come out swinging; and we don’t mean with their lawyers or with their spouses. True to their slogan “The Universe is Our Playground”, their program is “strategically but cautiously aggressive”.

They have assured us that their first gate station in the delta quadrant will be at Port 22 of the Sagittarius Arm. This is a smart move since, in the event of gate network failure, no one will be stranded in deep space. One can at least hop on the next transport. Anyway, from there, GHOST will progress through the major star systems, eventually having gates all the way to the Outer Arm.

When asked about a timeframe for such an ambitious project—especially in light of recent cost-cutting measures, corporate restructuring, widespread gate malfunctions and decommissioning—CEO Frank Bastardoladro responded, “We hope the first gate will be commissioned in six months with subsequent new constructions commencing every fortnight or so; in fact, we’re taking advanced bookings so people don’t have to line up on the day.”

Are you excited? We are. Start planning your trip now. The below should be added to your itinerary.

4. P6-156 orbits a small black hole deep within the Sagittarius Arm, giving a good view of it as well as the neighboring stars. But the black hole is not just there for looks. It naturally facilitates the new “intensive gravity pull” medical technique, applicable to cosmetic procedures, wonderful traction for your back and penis enlargements.

3. Sector 242 in the Scutum–Centaurus Arm has a binary star system which is actually unstable. It’s a spectacular sight watching two stars sucking material from each other whilst on a slow collision course, streaming spirals of glitter whirling around each globe. It’s like watching an angry married couple. For a small price, a few companies offer to launch old ships and space stations at it. It’s all recorded so you can re-watch the brilliant violence.

2. It’s not finished yet but Centaur 5 will have the biggest water slide in the known galaxy with multiple tubes branching through the naturally cascading valleys and coruscating waterfalls. The restaurants there are pretty good too. Be sure to try the Centaurus Stingray.

1. On the ends of the Outer Arm is a recently discovered graveyard, remnants of an ancient space battle. The United Earth military has already gone through it but what they left is still cool. Trust us when we say you’ve never seen such beautiful and mysterious destruction.

The Uranus Journal Travelogue (UE$249.99) has a complete list of delta quadrant attractions, hotels and restaurants (mobile and stationary).

Meanwhile, gen-4 hyperdrive technology is perfectly reliable. It’ll only take two months to get from our solar system to the delta quadrant. No drive-cooling stops required. Abadona Cruises have a new fleet running on gen-4 and they currently have a giveaway for obsessed travellers.