Puppy Love Part 9 | Georgia Willis

We finally learn his name in the sweet conclusion to Puppy Love by Georgia Willis.

Puppy Love: Part 9

Georgia Willis

To the Nines Award: Part 9

The rope securing my hands and feet itched against my skin. After the witch’s daughter got us out of the burning castle, she headed for her mothers — with me hanging barely onto life. My burns were worse than I first thought and kept me unconscious for days.

The two witches worked tirelessly to keep me alive — covering the burns in mystical salves and using maggots to clear away the dead flesh. When I finally awoke, confusion clouded my mind. Neither Lucy nor my spoon were anywhere to be found and the terrors of my mind haunted me. The mother witch resorted to hog tying me to prevent anyone from getting hurt. And even after I had calmed, they figured considering my predilection for murder it was safer to keep me bound.

“Where’s Lucy,” I asked for about the hundredth time. The young witch sighed.

“She is coming. Just as she was ten minutes ago when you asked. And if you don’t want the gag back in, stop asking.” She replied haughtily.

I scrunched my face up at the suggestion, and turned towards the window — not that I could see anything other than the tops of the trees swaying infuriatingly. I wished mournfully that I knew where my spoon was. It would make everything better.

“Why did you leave her,” I whispered tears brimming my eyes. The daughter came and sat next to me and looked out the window sadly.

“You didn’t kill the princess. The guards saved her. Lucy stayed to make sure it all ended.” she replied her gaze searching the trees for the woman I loved. We sat in silence for a while before she got up and left. I tried to remember what had happened in the princess’s bedroom, but the memory was not within my grasp.

At some stage I drifted off to sleep — or was drugged, you could never tell with witches. I dreamt of my beautiful Lucy, running through the trees her fur gleaming in the moon light. She was running towards me, but then the scene changed, she was angry. Snarling and snapping at me. The dream jolted me awake. Gasping I tried to sit up, but the ties hampered any movement. As I lay there squirming, I heard a distant wolf howling. It was her! It had to be! I howled back, as loud as I could — resulting in a startled response from the witches who promptly gagged me. I tried to explain but the fog in my mind combined with the excitement of my heart stopped words from forming.

The howling got closer and closer until by morning there was a soft knock on the door. My chest pounded as I craned my neck willing the door to open. The daughter walked excruciatingly slow towards the door, opening it and welcoming the visitor inside. Lucy stepped inside and my heart soared. Even looking haggard and covered in mud and blood she was still the most beautiful being I had ever seen.

A small smile of amusement settled across her lips as she knelt down beside me. I whimpered — it was the only sound I could currently make. Her lips were so soft as the grazed gently against mine. She quickly untied me, much to the apprehension of the witches. I flung the tangling ropes aside and hugged her tightly to my chest. Tears ran down my face as I held her within my arms.

“Hey now,” she said softly, as she raised her eyes to mine.

“We made it.” She grinned

“She’s dead?” I asked, a flicker of something dark crossed Lucy’s face.

“Very” she replied. I nodded and licked her cheek in one long slobbery stroke. She pushed me away and laughed.

“Oh! And I think you lost this” she said retrieving a small silvery object from her pocket

“My SPOON!” I cried snatching it from her and hugging it to my chest. She smile happily at me. The smile didn’t last long, she knew what was coming.

“The Princess, how?” I asked

“The guards brought her to the kitchens, it was one of the only places that wasn’t burning. The cooks were running around looking for bandages and clean water, I stood by her side as she screamed in pain. After a while she seemed to regain some semblance of calm and she saw me, not as a kitchen wench, but as a wolf, she asked me “Why?” but she knew why. I used one of the kitchen knives and plunged it into her chest.”

Lucy looked away pained

“What’s wrong?” I asked, not understanding.

“She thanked me” Lucy replied, tears running down her face.

“I didn’t let her suffer, I —” she buried her face in her hands, but I gently pulled them down.

“She is dead and we are not, that is what matters.” I replied liking the tears from her face.

“She said something else, her last word was Arko, do you know what that means?”

I blinked in quick succession. That was my name. All those years ago, the name my parents had given me.

“That’s me” I whispered. Lucy looked at me startled.

“Truly?” she said, and I nodded.

“Nice to meet you Arko” she smiled.

I grinned and turned the spoon around in my fingers. An idea struck me and I began bending my spoon into a circle. Lucy looked at me confused, I held out my hand, and Lucy placed hers in mine.

“Will you be mine forever?” I asked hopefully, I small smile played on her lips as her eyes beamed at me.

“Forever.” She replied and I slipped my spoon, now bent in the shape of a ring onto her finger. I wanted to give her the world, but my spoon was the next best thing. She admired it in the sunlight, grinning from ear to ear. Her smile faltered for a second.

“I have been meaning to ask, what is it about this spoon?”

I grinned.

“Well . . .” I began.