Home is Where the Heart is… | Olinda Braganza

Home is Where the Heart is…

Olinda Braganza

The Dragging Energy Award


Rose dug her toes into the pristine white sand of the isolated island. The salty breeze of the fresh sea flirted with her wild curls as she closed her eyes embrace the moments of peace that she had stolen selfishly for herself. Because, no matter what, she knew that freedom may never knock at her door again.

She loved the independence that she had earned for herself. She knew how much it was worth because she had fought with everyone to be the maker of her own destiny. Because she believed in her assumption that, the only way to love herself was to leave everybody else behind.

She left her home, realizing that the most important relationship of her life was with herself. And the only way to find the love that she had lost for herself, was to set out on a journey whose itinerary only she possessed.

She enjoyed being on her own, being herself, being someone who was pure and free, when broken away from the shackles of committing to every relationship that she had cherished all her life. She loved to fly and bathe in the glory of the destination. She loved to explore every inch of who she was with herself. And, in the journey and destination, she had found what she was looking for.

She had found herself.

And, that had begun to destroy her relationship with herself.

The moment the mystery of her was revealed to herself, the moment she was exposed to her raw personality, there was nothing more to explore. No matter how many places she had visited, known or unknown, it did not matter. Everything was predictable, the mystery was lost. And, her purpose defeated.

And she knew that the only way she could reset it was, the only way to mend her relationship with herself was to immerse a part of her revealed mystery back behind the veils that she had torn down to reveal herself. It was time to go back to where it all started.

To go back home.

She left, to go back to where she belonged.

And all that she had left behind was a rose, with a drop of the ocean resting on it, reflecting the light of the blue sky.

Because, only after loving and hating, building and destroying her relationship with herself at the same time, did she realize that…

…there is indeed, no place like home!