Horror Short Story Editing, Proofreading & Feedback


Our editorial team provides high quality and engaging services starting at 1 cent a word for short story manuscripts of any length. Our commitment to service is backed by years of experience as an international cross-genre weekly short fiction contest, with over 300 authors published through our website.

What's Included In The Proofread & Edit?

Our short story proofreading and editing service includes:
  1. A structural breakdown of your horror story highlighting positive plot aspects and character arcs.
  2. Line Edit - Where are your best sentences? We know what really works & where to improve.
  3. Commentary - How does the story make us feel as a reader? What do we love? Where did we scream? Commentary is a relaxed interaction with the author to balance out the technical focus of the proofreading and editing process.
  4. Critical Appraisal - We don't just highlight the problems, but speak to solutions using examples from positive aspects of your work and other works of horror.
  5. Easy Contact - Ask follow up questions and converse with us for no extra charge.

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Horror Short Story Editing Rates

Our rates are 1 cent a word plus a $2 flag fall per 1000 word for manuscripts of any genre, be they full length novels, short stories, excerpts, or non fiction work. Prices charged in AUD.
Sponsors and Patrons of NiTH receive a 100% discount on the flagfall, (i.e. There is no flagfall for Patrons).

  • For a 2000 word edit the fee is $4* (flagfall) + $20 (1c per word)= $24
  • For a 10 000 word edit the fee is $20 + 100 = $120
  • For a 60 000 word edit (length of an average manuscript) the fee is $120 + $600 = $720

*Flagfalls rounded up to nearest 1000.
(If you are a NiTH patron, deduct the flagfall fee from the amount quoted above).

Who Are We?

Needle In The Hay is a creative fiction website providing free weekly contests, writer services and publications.

Headed up by Senior Editor Martin R. De Biasi, the NiTH Editorial Team consists of Senior Contest Judges & Award Winning Authors. Martin has a depth of experience in short story editing, with over 5000 short stories and works of flash fiction edited and proofread, from award winning writers & top tier journalists to authors taking their first steps into creative fiction.

All proofreading and editorial work is overseen by the Senior Editor.

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