How It All Works

Needle In The Hay is an ongoing writing contest that gives authors the freedom to pursue their writing path.

Starting with our weekly contests, shortlisted authors can join in on collaborative projects, short story collections, writing courses and publish in both digital and physical publications. Best of all, proceeds go to the writers, editors and artists involved in the project.


Writer Services

From manuscript editing to practical online courses & one-on-one tutoring, Needle In The Hay offers a variety of modern, skills based services at attractive prices. Signing up to a course will not only fast track your skills development, but helps keep the majority of NiTH services free.

Short Story Contests

Most of our writing contests are free! Here’s how they work:
1. Read the brief
2. Write & edit your story
3. Submit it through the web portal

All shortlisted authors receive feedback from our panel of judges, and the winner receives feedback on up to 5000 words of original work as well. We’re aiming to increase these awards, so help us reach our targets by supporting us through Patreon.

Projects & Collaborations

Once you’ve been short listed at least once, you can sign up to one of our Projects or Collaborations. Here you can:

1. Create your own short story around a broad theme.

2. Give and receive feedback with up to 3 other writers.

3. Interact with one of our editors.

4. Publish in both eBook and limited edition print.

5. Get paid!

All profits from sales go to the authors, artists and editors directly involved in the project. There’s no service fees. Instead, we rely on contributions via pledges and donations.



Think we’re missing something? Or just want to say hi, drop us a line