Information For Major Competition Long List 2016

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Hi all,

In a couple of days we’ll begin publishing our major competition long list, bringing you great stories written by dozens of authors from around the globe.

With over $2000 in cash and prizes up for grabs, it’s a toughly contested award. The stories we have chosen from the hundreds we received range from the tragically realist to works of lyrical beauty. Genre breakouts and tales that transcend genre as well.

To make the long list more palatable, and to give every story the attention it deserves, we’ll be publishing the long list in daily chunks, highlighting a few stories each day. After two weeks, we’ll announce the results of the first round of judging, and proceed to the final shortlist and winners.

The Judging Process

After a little more insight into the judging process?

For the NiTH Major Contest 2016 we’ll be using two squads of judges. The first, and largest group have been chosen from friends of NiTH to score each story out of ten. Each judge has also been assigned a handful of stories to provide feedback, so every author will receive detailed feedback from a judge regardless of their success on the long list.

Our short list judges are a lot like the regular short list.  Five judges who will rank and score the shortlisted stories and determine the final, and most presitgious winner!

Judging at NiTH is anonymous. Judges don’t know who the other judges are, nor do the short list judges know the scores from the long list judges. We think that’s fair, and we hope you do to.

So if you’ve entered our major competition this year keep an eye on your inbox, as we’ll be emailing everyone with details as to when their short story will be published over the next couple of days.

Image courtesy Starman film
Image courtesy Starman film

What About Waiting For Starman Award?

Winner announcement for the Waiting For Starman Award will be announced as per usual on Tuesday 2nd February. It’s been a great short list, and a wonderful opener for the upcoming major comp, so make sure you check it out when you can.

That’s all for us for now. We how you guys like we do here at NiTH and look forward to bringing you even more exciting competitions over the 2016!