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C.R. Gardner milks this week’s award for all it’s worth.

An Interview with Happy Cow

C.R. Gardner

Bertie Beats The Tweets Award

Good morning, Helen Melon fans. Today I’ve traded my studio and stylish suit for dungarees, gumboots, Sunshine Farm and an interview with Social Media Celeb, Happy Cow.

Let’s start with your name. How did you get it?

‘Just take a look at my spots,’ laughed Happy Cow turning side on for the camera. ‘My dam says I was born happy and it showed up as a smiley face.’

So Happy Cow, tell us how your foray into social media began.

‘Well Helen, it all started when Farmer Jo left her phone and headset in the yards. I’d been eyeing it off weeks. It was all shiny and new, had all the techno, all the gadgets, widgets, bells, whistles and gizmos. I felt a bit guilty nicking it, but I figured it be my only chance.

Anyway, because it was milking time, I had to wait until we were back with our calflings before I could go back for it. It was dark by then, but the moon was full, so it was easy to sneak back to the milking shed. I just had to remember to close the gates behind me or the whole herd would have followed.’

Can all cows open gates?

‘No, it’s a talent, but I’m not the only one. I’ve seen videos on BookFace of cows all over the world opening gates.

Anyway, it was a bit tricky getting the head set on that first time, but after that it was all systems go, and I took to it like a duck takes to water.’

And your first ever “toot”?

‘Was a silly joke about the size of my udder!’ snorted Happy Cow.

That wasn’t your account, was it?

‘No, that was on Farmer Jo’s. It took a few goes to setting up my own Tooter and BookFace accounts.’

You have accounts on Tooter, BookFace and Liaison. Any others?

‘We have a Sunshine Farm blog and put a lot of photos up on Instaclick.’

So Farmer Jo, what’s it like working with Happy Cow?

‘Just fine, Helen, just fine. Happy and I work together well, laugh at each other’s jokes – her udder joke was really funny, and we still laugh about it – we enjoy each other’s company, share the same dreams and love working on ways to improve Sunshine Farm, not just for now, but the future.’

Could you tell us some of your future plans?

‘We know we aren’t going to be here forever. Being a social media success won’t extend my lifespan. If I’m lucky I might live to thirty. Jo will live longer. So with the time we’ve got we’re working on making Sunshine Farm sustainable. We’ve started our own line of cheese, Fromage d’ Content Vache…’

That means cheese of the Happy Cow?

‘Sure does! There’s also Happy Cow milk, yoghurt, cream and other home-grown, organic produce you can buy at the Farm Gate. We’ve got the plans drawn up for a cheese factory and restaurant too.’

I’ve noticed your posts focus a lot on soil health. Why?

‘As a dairy cow I produce high quality milk, so I need to eat fodder of superior quality and that needs to be grown on well balanced, mineral and nutrient rich soil.’

And I suppose the organic farming practices you toot about go hand in hand with that?

‘Most definitely.’

In the beginning you were the only animal online. Has that changed?

‘Oh yes! There’s plenty of animals online these days, including wild ones. I think it’s fantastic!’

Overall Happy Cow, how’s social media been for you?

‘Good, really good. There’s been some negativity of course, not everyone’s happy with Happy, but that’s to be expected. I’m not responsible for the happiness of others, just my own. However, I do believe I have a responsibility to use social media in a way that makes a difference. I want people to question the idea of “normal” and to be the best they can be.’

And there you have it straight from the cow’s mouth, Happy Cow’s thoughts on social media. So, is there any chance of sampling some Fromage d’ Content Vache?

Of course there is. We’ll let you sample our camembert and parmesan too.


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  1. Happy Cow really does exist – she belongs to the farmer over the road. I recently asked him how much she’d cost, I’m still waiting on a price. I think she’d go well with my sheep 🙂

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