There’s a lot you probably don’t know about Nadia Lee. She’s swum with sting rays, for example. She’s a globe trotter who has lived in four different countries and speaks two and a half languages. She writes in English, of course. Romance and Fantasy are Nadia’s game. Her Ever After novellas in particular have grabbed our attention with their contemporary re-tellings of well known fables. We talk all things literary with the author. 

Ed: A plane ticket is in your hand right now. Where does it take you, and why?

Nadia Lee: Europe! I’ve been wanting to visit Europe since forever. I want to see the old buildings, the art, enjoy the music and have great local food.

Romance, eroticism, pornography. How do you define them, and have your boundaries shifted since you took up the paper and pen?

If you’re speaking of genre fiction categorization —

Romance focuses on a romantic relationship. It may or may not include sex.

Eroticism focuses on using sex to explore some other aspect(s) of humanity or tell a story. So for example, you have erotic romance that explores a romantic relationship through sex. Or you can have something like Basic Instinct, which tells a story of a cop solving a murder while using sex as the most critical plot driver that pushes the story forward.

Pornography focuses on sex. There is no exploration of human interactions,
feelings, or anything else. It’s basically about people having sex, and that’s that.
In a previous life you travelled often, racking as many as 5000 miles a week in air travel. How do you find the more sedentary life of being an author?

Quite challenging at first, but nice these days. I loved travelling, but at the same time I was young, and my body could take a lot of abuse and bounce back.

I’m not so young any more, and I can’t do that any longer. (No more getting up at 5 am to catch an early flight every week!) Besides, I have a 17 month-old baby boy, so he’s my priority. I can’t imagine flying everywhere like that with a child.

Tell us a little about the Ever After novellas. Do you plan to write more?

The Ever After novellas are light, humorous retellings of fairy tales that always end happily. I started it off with A Happily Ever After of Her Own, based on Beauty and the Beast, and just released One Kiss, which is based on The Frog Prince. I plan to release more, and the next novella is going to be based on Snow White.

Books 1&2 in the Ever After series are available as an awesome bundle.

You’ve been praised for your world-building, particularly in The Last Slayer, How important is this for you as an author? Is it something you focus on, or just a natural product of your style?

I think it’s always important to have a vivid setting, and that’s ultimately what world-building is. Sadly it’s not something I focus on as much as I should. World-building doesn’t really come to me naturally.

Rumour has it you’re a bit of a foodie. What do you eat in bed?

Actually I don’t eat in bed. :) It’s one place I just refuse to eat, no matter what. I think I ate in bed twice in the maternity ward after I had my son because I was physically unable to get up and move for about the first 24 hours after the delivery.
Now drinking in bed…  Given the right company, that’s a different story.


You can find Nadia Lee at and on Twitter @nadialee