Jonny Khan in Harbourtown

There’s been a lot of talk about this guy, Jonny Khan. A big shot from out of town making waves. Look’s like he’s fitting right in with the corporate types in the SHINE. Here’s some snippets from media outlets. Take everything with a grain of salt.

The first two are from gossip sites:

New Harbourtown arrival Jonny Khan was spotted at the launch of David McDermonte’s new club Life or Death. Jonny arrived two weeks ago from the Pearl River Delta Mega city to take over the Harbourtown subsidiary of Khan Consolidated and has wasted no time joining the SHINE in crowd. He seen rubbing shoulders with local brat packers Clay Robinson, Craig van Patten, and Evelyn Rawlinson, who is back in town after the premiere of her new viso flick in Cannes.


Ultrarich playboy Jonny Khan is the hot topic of the SHINE’s party scene after hosting what many are calling the ‘party of the year’ on his mega yacht this weekend. Khan is in Harbourtown to run the local division of his family corporation but sources say the 22 year old has barely been in the office.

Now for a couple of actual news articles. This one from a reputable (well, as reputable as the Harbourtown media gets) news site:

Rumours have been flying  since his arrival about the real reason why Jonny Khan, the 22 year old heir to the Khan fortune, has come to Harbourtown. Sources in Sino say that the family  sent him here to clean up his act, with one anonymous source claiming that, “Jonny is the black sheep of the family. He loves to party and his parent’s are sick of him getting in trouble, which reflects badly on the family dynasty.” Another source stated that, “Jonny’s latest drug scandal was the last straw for his family. They’re giving him one last chance in Harbourtown and if he doesn’t grow up they are going to cut him off.” Drugs aren’t the only trouble that Khan is alleged to have gotten into in PRD Mega, with reports of reckless driving, driving under the influence and assault. However, as one of Sino’s rich and powerful, Jonny has never been formally charged.

Interesting, he seems like a typical spoiled rich kid. This one from an investment blog:

Reports coming out of Khan Harbourtown Incorporated (KHI), the local subsidiary of the Khan Consolidated (KCC), about it’s new leadership are being greeted with mixed feelings. Earlier this month Jonny Khan, 22, took over from former CEO Luis Carruthers. The market showed its displeasure with a three percent drop in the KHI share price. A further drop came after reports of the young Khan heir spending his time partying instead of at the office. Recently, however, KHI’s stock has bounced back on rumours of Jonny’s cutthroat approach to business. The market has been impressed with his practice of focusing on personal influence to force deals and wipe out competitors, a stark contrast to Carruthers above board ‘pure business’ style. Historically, the market has favoured leaders with a lack of morality and if Khan continues down this path, we should see the stock continue to grow in value.

Great another cutthroat businessman, just what Harbourtown needs. I found this post on an underground news bulletin board and ripped it before it got taken down.

The Khans are criminals and Jonny is as bad as the worst of them. In my neighbourhood in Bei he ordered a fire to be started in the slums so that he could build a mega tower on the land it was on. He didn’t even try to hide what he was doing, he just sent some guys in with flame throwers. Hundreds of people died but no one did anything because they were poor.

I’ve tried to look into what kind of things Khan Consolidated does, and like most Zaibatsu they have companies that range from philanthropy to crime and everything in between. I don’t know much about Jonny, Sino’s net is so closed off it’s beyond my hacking skills to find out much more about him. Somehow I don’t think he’s going to be making Harbourtown much better.