Journal Writing Prompts

Updated August 25

Journal writing is a great way to maintain a writing habit. It can help you organise your thoughts, express your feelings, and keep a written history of your life.

Journal writing also shares commonalities with the genre of creative non-fiction, an increasingly popular form of novel writing. Check out the journal writing prompts below to get you started.

1) Think about the most memoral thing that happened today and write about how it might change your approach in the future.

2) Write about a recent meeting with a friend. What were they wearing? What did you talk about? Was there anything different from usual?

3) Write about a journey you have taken. It might have been a holiday or road trip, or a trip to the store or work.

4) Write about something mundane, like making breakfast. Give it life through creative expression.

5) Write about a tree that is near your house. You might need to research what sort of tree it is. What emotions does it invoke. What does the trunk feel like? Do birds or other animals live in the tree?

6) Write about a memory you have from childhood. Share that memory with ithers whonmifht have been there. Do your recollections agree?

7) Write about your favourite meal. What makes it so delicious?

8) Write from the point of view of your neighbour describing what it’s like to live next door to you

9) Write about the things you do to procrastinate from writing.

10) Tension
Close your eyes and write about what you feel in your body. You might have to open your eyes occasionally 🙂

11) Find a window and look out it. Describe what is happening, what you see, and try and create a story out of it.

12) Take a photograph or picture and turn it on its side of upside down. Write about what you see.

13) Keep a pad and pen next to your bed. Write down your thoughts when you first wake up. It can be about your dreams, or your aspirations for the day.

14)Write a letter to someone you know. When you’re done, send it to them.

15) In Reverse

Write a journal entry of your day, journal your day backwards. Start with sitting down at your desk and work backwards from there.

Some things to consider:

  • What does it feel like to live in reverse
  • How are your perceptions altered?
  • Would you change anything or do things differently?


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