Staring at you, taking in your curves and shapely body I am enthralled. You captivate me with your every move; the way you like to mirror me is enchanting. Surely magic or imagination must have given birth to you, my silent stalker.

Countless times have I tried to defeat you, but you simply laugh at me silently and ward off my attacks by mockingly copying me. Frustration eats at the very core of my being. How to defeat you? You, who are born of light and shadow, you who haunt my every step?

Did you not have enough of this mockery? What is it of this torture that you find so endearing that you keep on doing it? I, for one, had enough of this. Today I will find a way to end this age old rivalry between us. You will haunt me no more.

Laughing at me silently, I see. Do you think I will be rid of you by running away this time? I tried that numerous times before, and I’m sure that you cheated. How easily you keep up with my pace! It’s simply infuriating! How you mock me when I run. Sometimes you are behind me, letting me think I won, that I am at last rid of you, only to be disappointed when I glace over my shoulder. Other times you trot openly next to me and I try to outrun you, but you keep with the pace. This is not as infuriating as the days you decide to run in front of me. Then it would seem like you are running backwards. How I wish you would trip over your shoe laces!

No, I have learnt my lesson with trying to outrun you the hard way.
Fighting with you will not bring me the solution either. No, in order to defeat you, I will have to use every ounce of cunning in my possession. As I already said, today it ends.

You cock your head to one side in silent regard. It is clear that you doubt my resolve. Your posture of squared shoulders, straight back and arm leaning lazily against the wall states that you do not believe our rivalry would end soon. There is reasonable doubt in the strategy I plan to employ. I can assure you it requires a certain amount of sacrifice, but to be rid of you, my stalker, I would do it gladly.

How silly of me not to think of this sooner! You echo my loud laugh, but your enchanting ways hold no sway over me anymore. Soon enough I will be free of you. Free of your enchantment and then I’d truly be one of a kind.

Scratching your head over my proclamation, I see? Or is it that you still doubt my ability to defeat you, stalker? How tired I am of you hounding my steps!

You are shaking your head. You still do not believe me. That is fine with me; I no longer seek your approval. I can see clearly now that it was you who needed me all along. Why else would you linger and follow me everywhere, my dear stalker?

Foolishly you will run after me as I take off to the closest building. But even in the confines of those four walls you will be there. I will exorcise you from my life. Your presence will be forgotten, sweet stalker.

How? You may ask.

The answer is simple. To be rid of you, I must forsake the light. All forms of it. A shadow cannot appear in shadows and I will become the only human without one. Truly a unique person!

Farewell my stalker.