Congrats to all our short listed authors for the LORD GRIMDARK Award. We received over 25 entries most of which were a very high standard. Impressive given the genre requirements usually mean we get fewer entries.

It’s great to see a mix of old hats trying their hand at the genre and new blood no doubt drawn by the visceral nature of grimdark fiction.

We chose a short list that hopefully runs the wide gamut of potential for grimdark. There is villany, fantasy, criminals, theives and the underworld. There  is Anger and Hope, and a little bit of wry humour in there as well. As always we look forward to your comments so check out the full short list here.

Finally a big thank you to Adrian Collins and the rest the team at Grimdark Magazine for sponsoring this award. If you like the stories featured here, you should definitely check out the great authors they have lined up for the first edition. More on GdM #1, including a full write up, coming soon.