Profile | Martin De Biasi

Who Am I?

I’m a writer, editor, photographer, IT specialist   web designer based in Sunday, Australia. I’m also the founder of this little website. You can find out a bit more about what I do at my webpage.

Why Did I Start Needle In The Hay?

Because reasons.

Seriously though. I got my first computer when I was four, and that’s about the time I fell in love with books. I love reading and writing, Science & Art. I tried writing fiction professionally, but it was taking too long. Every contests had a 6 month wait, manuscript submissions up to 12 months. No feedback, no engagement. It was an isolating experience.

The rest of the world is making connections, so I wanted to bring that to fiction writing. Quick turnarounds, feedback and engagement. A community focus and a collaborative approach to writing.

What Are Some Of Your Achievements?

I’m really proud at what we’ve achieved at NiTH. I love engaging with other writers and artists, collaborating on projects. I am honoured to be the editor on all our current publications include Transitions (free ePub), Burn, Thrive, Burn (paperback and ePub) and our Patron sponsored serial novellas including Strange Days & Hotel Panama.

Needle In The Hay Sounds Great! How Can I Get Involved?

Check out the short story contests page, is a good place to start. Most contests are free, and we give feedback to everyone!

We also have fairly priced courses and services, as well as projects and collaborations. For more info, check out the homepage.

Who Are Your Favourite Authors?

That’s a tough one. I don’t like to pick favourites but I do think these books are all worth a read. In no particular order:

  • The Children’s Bach – Helen Garner
  • The Corrections – Jonathan Frazen
  • A Brief History Of Time – Stephen Hawking
  • Goth – Otsuchi
  • Acorn – Yoko Ono
  • Book Of The New Sun – Gene Wolfe
  • A Visit From The Goon Squad – Jennifer Egan
  • A Song Of Ice & Fire – George R.R. Martin

As for short stories? Start here.

So You Seem Cool, How Can I Get In Touch & Support This Awesome Website?

If you wanna contact me I’m on Twitter @MartinDebiasi or through the contact page via email.

And if you want to help support the site check us out on Patreon. You can support the arts and score our novellas before they go to retail. Cool!