All through the new year our coven of prophets have gathered, consulting their oracles of bone and fowl innards. From the pool of unlikely heroes a winner has emerged. Congratulations to:

Jason Fink!

Jason’s piece won in a photo finish, scraping across the line with several fine submissions in tow. The MAYAN was our first invitational award and the short list did not disappoint. A wealth of talent was on display, so much so that the judges asked for more time to deliberate. There could only be one winner though, and Mr Fink is a deserved first place.

With that out of the way, what do we have to look forward to in 2013?

More awards, of course.

NITH’s primary goal is to provide emerging writers with a platform to showcase their talents. Already our PRELUDE award has received several high quality submissions which we look forward to presenting in the coming weeks.

Behind the scenes, several shortlisted writers are working on a collaborative work that we hope to publish Q1 of 2013. It’s one small step for Needle In The Hay, and hopefully one giant leap for collaborative digital publishing.

Next week marks our official return from holiday hiatus. So look forward to more articles, interviews, competitions, and maybe a few surprises too.

So congratulations once again to Jason, and thanks ton everyone who participated in our first few awards. Bring on 2013!

– The Ed.