Lara carefully advanced through the mine’s caves. Ever since waking up on this island, she had been certain that it was the City of Atlantis, and these caves the remainders of the Great Pyramid that it contained. On her way, she had found many mutants and knew that behind every curve, danger could lurk.

Suddenly, she noticed a small gap in the ceiling, carefully hidden. She reached inside and looked for a firm grip. Then she pulled herself slowly up.

Lara was gifted with both a strong physique and formidable agility, which were essential features for an adventurer. She managed to squeeze through the narrow tunnel and reached the other side.

Maya was puzzled; what had happened? The last thing she knew was that she was steering Lara through the caves on her way to the heart of the pyramid, when the main character of her computer game suddenly disappeared from the screen. Maya was cursing at her laptop and cursing the creators of this ancient game to all Heck, when she suddenly sensed the ice-cold feel of steel being pushed against her neck.

“Don’t dare move a muscle,” a female voice sounded, “I know it’s you, Natla, and these Magnums contain bullets with your name on them!”

Maya slowly raised her hands to show her attacker that she wasn’t planning on fighting her. “That’s better,” the voice continued, “now where is the Scion?”

“The Scion? I don’t know what you are talking about!”

The assailant swirled Maya’s chair around and Maya found herself eye in eye with an athletic girl of about 29 with long brown hair worn in a ponytail, who was dressed in a turquoise sleeveless tank top, light brown shorts, and calf-high boots. She was also wearing a utility belt with holsters on either side which were currently empty. The guns that clearly belonged in there, were now in the hands of the brown-eyed girl, and they were pointed right at Maya. Maya immediately recognized her as Lara Croft, the main character of the game she had been playing!

“The Scion?” Lara repeated, and made a stimulating move with one of the guns.

“I…I don’t have it,” Maya stuttered, “you are not in Tomb Raider anymore. This is the real world!”

“What are you talking about?” Lara asked, “What is Tomb Raider?”

Maya quickly explained that Lara was in fact a computer character, and that she ended up somehow in her house as a real person.

“I don’t believe you, Natla! This is one of your devious schemes!”

“It’s Maya, and I will prove it to you,” Maya replied, and made a gesture to indicate that she wanted to go to her closet. Lara nodded and kept Maya at gunpoint while the girl walked over to the closet she kept her DVD’s in.

Maya browsed through them until she found it: the DVD of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, starring Angelina Jolie. She showed it to Lara.

“Here you are, they even made a movie about you.”

“What’s this?” Lara took the DVD from Maya’s hands, “and who is this?”

“That’s Angelina Jolie. They casted her to play you.”

“Not bad, “ Lara said,” although she could use a bit more muscle on her arms. And how can you ever jump from a pillar with a chest like that?”

Maya slyly looked at Lara’s own bosom, and wondered if the girl had ever looked into a mirror. Lara seemed mesmerized by the actress, and asked more questions about Angelina:

“Is she famous?”

“Yes, she’s one of the best paid actresses in the world. This movie was her breakthrough actually.”

“Not bad, she looks like no pushover either. Is she still single?”

“No, she is engaged.”

“To a guy?” Lara asked.

Maya raised an eyebrow at that question, and then hastily answered: “Yes, to an actor named Brad Pitt.”

Maya browsed again through the stack of DVD’s, and found Troy. She showed it to Lara.

“You got to be kidding me,“ was Lara’s reaction, “that guy in a dress? He looks like a wimp!”

Maya barely managed to suppress a giggle.

“Do you like this guy?” Lara asked.

“Not really,“ Maya said, “but I don’t like guys in general. I prefer girls myself. That’s why I was playing with…well…you.”

Maya blushed madly at this confession, and Lara seemed amused.

“So you like playing with me?” the action-heroine teased Maya, “you’re in luck then; I don’t like boys either. They make a girl weak and soft, and when you’re battling against snakes and mutants, you can’t be either!”

Lara suddenly holstered her guns and pulled Maya towards her. She planted her lips on the surprised girl’s, and started to kiss her. Maya only briefly struggled, but then gave into the kiss as she felt the arms of the hottest girl ever programmed sliding around her, pulling her closer. She could feel the chest of the adventurer pressing to her own modest bosom, and just when she was losing herself in the kiss, Lara broke it and stumbled back.

“What’s happening to me? What’s holding me back? Is Natla behind this?”

Suddenly, she started to fade. Maya looked at the scene in horror, and wondered if there was anything she could do. She noticed Lara’s mouth moving, but she couldn’t hear what the girl was trying to say. Instead, she could only hear an annoying high-pitched sound.

With a last puff, Lara Croft disappeared from Maya’s room. Maya quickly looked at her laptop screen and noticed that the girl had reappeared in the game. She had no clue what had happened to Lara, or why this had occurred. Her eyes traveled from the screen to the game’s CD case, and then she finally realized what had happened.

In the corner of the case there was a big black “T”, with the words “Teen” and “ESRB” around it.

Living in the real world and still being free to do so, Maya cursed out loud into the empty room.



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