Mini Update: New Awards + Wollongong Writer’s fest!

We just dropped the Grimdark short list in coordination with GdM’s first issue, but what else is going on at NITH?


Well just like the title says, there are two new awards up on the site. Firstly, the THREE DRAFTS YOU’RE IN Award asks you to show your work buy writing three drafts of the ‘same’ story.


We’ve also just put the NORMAL SUCCESS! Award, which has much simpler criteria. Just don’t forget that white picket fence!

No less important, Needle In The Hay makes it’s first foray into the ‘real world’ at the Wollongong Writer’s festival this Saturday. I’ll be sitting on a panel about Art in Isolation from 10-11am. It’s early, but if you’re in the neighbourhood please come by and check it out. Full details at the festival website.