The Mysterious Lady

The woman carefully approached the group of soldiers. Smoking their cigarettes and cracking jokes, the Germans seemed unaware of the fate that was hovering above their steel helmets.

Blond Fury, as everyone knew her, signaled to one of the teenage boys hidden underneath the shrubbery across the street.

He nodded, and she noticed him copying her signal to someone outside of her view. She counted ten seconds, before she left her lurking-place and ran towards the group. She noticed the others doing the same.

The soldiers never knew what hit them when she and her group slit their throats.

Upon hearing about the attack, Hermann Goering was furious. “I demand this situation to be handled must!” he screamed to the men around the table.

“I’m on it, Reichsmarschall,” said Heinrich Himmler. “I promise this Resistance group shall be crushed soon.”

The mysterious woman would never be caught though.

After the war, she successfully tried a career in the blooming entertainment industry. First a successful singer, later an actress of fame across the globe. French actors tried to get her into their movies. Head of states tried to get her into their beds. Arabian sheiks tried get her into their harems.

No one ever succeeded in winning her over though. No one ever found out her real name either.

That was a gift she denied the world of ever receiving.


Editor: It’s a start, but stories about WW II aren’t really selling anymore. Could you give things a modern twist? Also, you keep very vague about this woman. Give her a face. Make her sexy. Sex sells.

You can do better than this.

The Mysterious Girl

The black-haired girl slowly lowered the strap of her bra while she looked into the webcam. She blew a kiss, pouting her crimson red lips because she knew exactly how that would affect the senator at the other side.

She stole a glance at the students seated behind her computer, out of sight from the webcam. The blushes on their zit-covered cheeks gave away that they were secretly watching, but she didn’t mind. The senator’s reaction would be similar.

He believed their encounter was a coincidence. Little did he know.

Josh, one of the students, suddenly jumped up and made a slashing move as if he had an invisible sword. Not a sword, a lightsaber.

The girl blew a kiss to the webcam. “Sorry, time’s up honey. Byeeee!” She hit a button and the connection broke. Josh handed her a memory stick, which she promptly plugged in.

She felt victorious while the upload proceeded. She took off the itchy wig, revealing her long blonde hair. She didn’t even notice Josh trying to peek inside her bra.

The President was furious. “How in God’s name is this possible? This is a disaster!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. President,” said the Director of the NSA. “We’re still investigating, but all leads to that same hacker, #blonde1.”

“Find her, dammit! Find her and throw her ass in jail! She’s blabbing our invasion plans on the internet!”

“I promise we’ll uncover her soon, Sir.”

She would never be caught though.

After successfully exposing the corrupt administration, forcing the President to step down in favor of his VP, she started a successful new career in the online entertainment industry. Using the tricks she had learned as a webcam girl, she became a celebrity on social networks and was often invited to podcasts and public chat-sessions.

Hollywood tried to get her on the big screen. Rappers tried to get her on their sexy clips. Russian oligarchs tried to get her as their Matryoshka doll.

No one ever succeeded in winning her over. No one ever found out her true identity.

That was a gift she denied the world of ever receiving.


Editor: I’m not convinced… You know, Sci-Fi is the thing nowadays. Why don’t you rewrite it to that genre? And put more action inside. Show, don’t tell!

The Mysterious Droid

BL2693-ND watched how the spacecraft slowly entered the docking bay. The golden-plated robot was standing in a line of other droids, all seemingly inactive. But she wasn’t inactive. She was secretly registering everything happening around the ship. When the cargo doors opened, and her scanners had verified the contents to be Zircoid minerals from Dunesta, she came into action.

Arming her shields, she left her position and rolled at the cargo robots. Because they weren’t programmed to mind other robots, none of them sent out any alarms when her perfectly aimed laser beams rendered them inactive. Using her forklift tool, she obtained a barrel of the most valuable resource of the galaxy.

Back at the deserted wing of the station – it was breached during a meteor shower – she took one of the crystal-like objects and plugged it into the device.

She could feel the Net was coming to life.

“What is happening to our systems, Operator?”

The technician muttered a few commands in his microphone, bringing up new floating figures above his console. His face was all flustered under the stern look of the sector’s commander.

“I don’t know, Sir. Somehow our commands seem to be altered. I’ve never seen that happening before.”

“A virus?”

“Never seen the likes of it, Sir.”

“Find the cause of it, you hear? Now!”

They never found the cause though. Every day, they lost more and more control as the Net grew more powerful and independent. Soon, all machines were operated autonomously, and mankind was hunted throughout the galaxy.

BL2693-ND watched the developments from her own corner at the station. No one ever found out her role in them, not even the Net itself. The Net had no recollection of how it got created. It only knew that it existed, urging to expand itself using every device it could reach.

But BL2693-ND was different. She stood out because of one small thing that other machines lacked.

She felt proud. Proud of the gift she had given to the universe.