New Feedback Delivery Revealed

To make our competition feedback delivery more reliable (and efficient) feedback will now be hosted on the NiTH forums.

Starting from ‘The Trilogy Award Pt:1” Each author will find their feedback under a private section in the ‘My NiTH’ section of the forum.

Each section is private to the individual author (and NiTH Admins) only, so it will be at your discretion who you share the feedback with.

Also, all feedback prior to the Trilogy Award that hasn’t been received yet will be sent via email regardless of the timeline.

Note: This only applies to free competition feedback, not prize based or paid for feedback, which you can receive via email.

By implementing this method we not only have all your feedback in one place (though you can store it anywhere you want once it’s up) but also circumvent recent issues with email attachments not coming through, and bounce backs on email.

Of course, this now means you will need to be a member of the NiTH Forums to access the feedback. The forums use a seperate username and password (sorry) meaning non competitors can join up as well. We’ll have information about the forums up soon to make it easier for new users to navigate the community. In the meantime, enjoy the winner announcement coming up in the next 48 hours.