Hi everyone, hope you love the new site design as much as we do. Here’s a quick breakdown of the features


Awards, past and present, can be found under the Awards and Collaborations Page. There’s a neat filter that lets you sort them all out. Because we’re growing in popularity we think having more awards up with spread the load out a bit so we’re not culling too many stories from each short list.

What are collaborations?

A new feature to NITH. Collaborations are short story compilations written to certain themes and ideas. Check here for more details.

Where do I find my previous submissions

The short lists have been moved to individual award pages. Check the Award and Collaborations page using the “Closed” Filter.

The current short list will be available on the specific award page and sticked to the front page blog.

New Submission Process

Submissions for awards can now be sent via the Submissions page. Yay! You’ll have to register first time. Check our updated Guidelines for more into.

Can I still submit by email?

The Submissions form makes it easier for the NITH team to cull the short list, and also avoids Gmail’s aggressive spam filter which sometimes ate submissions. Unless otherwise indicated, use the submission form for your entry. Don’t forget a feature image. Make sure you indicate in the text body what award you are submitting to.

 How can I help out at NITH?

Just contact us via FB, twitter, tumblr, or email. We’re always looking for volunteers to help make our site great. Writers, curators, web designers, cover artists. We’re a community driven site so if you want to have some input, we’re very eager.

Alternatively, you can donate :)

Hey NITH, when you going to have a logo



No really

…Soon! We’re reaching out to commissioning artists right now :)


Help, something’s missing from the old page!

Let us know, we’ll do our best to fix it.

We really hope you enjoy the new site. We are a community focused writing resource, so if there’s any projects you think would find a home on NITH, contact us!