News and Winner Announcement for THE MISERY Short Story Contest

Catch up with all the latest news for this week on NiTH, plus find out who from our three short listed authors took first place in THE MISERY Short Story Contest

News & Updates


Two new awards went up over the weekend. The PORCUPINES NEED LOVE TOO Award asks writers to focus on character, creating a protagonist who is both sympathetic and distant, while the ANIMATE MATERIAL Award is a bit more fun, prompting you to drawn life from something inanimate.

Both awards focus on character, but that doesn’t mean plot should suffer either. This could also be a clue about one of our upcoming publications, but I’m not saying anything more than that.

The writing prompts for both these new awards were pilfered from our latest list of prompts, so if you’re looking for something to get you started, or just want to have a bit of a laugh, check them out as well.

Coming up tomorrow (Tuesday) we have our short list for the LANTERN’S FLAME Fantasy short story contest. This proved to be a popular contest with some great entries. Talia spent most of her weekend culling the short list. I don’t envy her, but you can push all your complaints her way if you’re unhappy with the result 🙂

And speaking of results. let’s get onto the winner announcement.


Winner Announcement for THE MISERY Fiction Contest


The Misery contest had some pretty strict requirements for how to use the writing prompt, but it was good to see those boundries being pushed.

Three authors made the short list this week. Perennials Joey To and Daniel Norrish maintain their secret war between Sydney and Melbourne, while new comer Sara Difrancesco makes her second appearance with something very different form the first.

All three have won before. If you’ve been following along with our recent updates, we’ll have a leaderboard up in July. So every win counts now.

In general, our judges were favourable towards all three writers, but for different reasons.

Joey’s experiements with time and trademark quippish dialogue saw him score well, while A Tree Falling by Sara Difrancesco was commended for it’s lyrical beats and verve, despite pretty horrific subject matter.

Taking on second person is always a risk, but Daniel Norrish chose wisely this week, notching up a win for his haunting and tightly controlled story More Misery

Congratulations Daniel!!!


Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s short list. And if you’re intersted in testing out our new forums, head over let us know what you think. On Wednesday we have part two of NiTH’s Judges Roundtable, as well as a follow up to the Unreliable Narrator article, listing some of our favourite deceptive narrators in modern fiction.