NiTH Daily Update | Tuesday 14th July 2015 – CLONE EBERT Shortlist

NiTH Daily Update | Tuesday 14th July 2015


CLONE EBERT Fake Review Shortlist


Five fake critiques made it onto this week’s shortlist, which asked authors to write a fanatically scathing, satirical or overly praiseworthy review.

Sarah Al-saad kicks things off with Succubus. A film staring hearthrobs Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox. But it’s our third star who has plenty to say about the values of this show, production or otherwise.

After a short break James Dann returns to the short list with his much antipated review of the 5th-quel to everyone’s favourite European Cycling Counter Culture fim series, Handlebar Wunderbar! 6 (3D). Yes it’s as good as it sounds.

Deb Stanbridge swoops in to remind us all that sometimes bad can be good and sometimes bad is just bad, while Lydia Trethewey treats us to a different tact when two schoolkids discover their teacher’s blog.

Finally Joey To provides some inhouse intertextuality. His review of Spells Of Fury calls back his entry in the EASTBOUND AND DOWN Award a few months ago.

Congrats to all five writers for your efforts. Winners will be announced Monday next week.



In other news, congratulations to Joey To for publishing in Perihelion Magazine.

Joey’s stories frequently make it onto our short lists. He often creates his own story art and writes with a tongue in cheek humour about quirky characters in awkward situations. Even when he takes on serious subject matter, there’s always a punch line. Food, Glorious Food brings Joey’s trademark writing to a longer format. Make sure you check it out!

Oh and by way, if you’ve published somewhere else, make sure you let us know about it so we can give you ALL THE NiTH PROPS!

Yesterday we announced the winner to the GIBSON BIGEND Cyberpunk Flash Fiction Contest. It was a tightly contested award with four great stories battling it out in a post technology battleground. Read the full article here to find out who won.

From Around The Web


If you’re still thirsty for something to read Chris Lombardo has a detailed review of The Architect’s Apprentice by Elif Shafak at Strange Horizons.

And if you’re not one of the 21 million people who already know, the latest trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is out and makes the film look a lot better.

That’s all from me for now. Enjoy our latest short list and make sure you leave comments if you like the author’s story.


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