NiTH Major Contest Long List (Ongoing)

What we talk about when we talk about love

Find new stories for our Major Contest Long List every day.

Sunday 21st February:

Chosen | Carmel Lillis

Love Thy Neighbour | GJ Maher

Saturday 20th February:

A Favour | Daniel Norrish

The Social Script Of Love | Kate McIntosh

Friday 19th February:

Pied Piper | Alan C.Williams

Ten Thousand | Phil Gunn

The Ferns | Emily Crossing

Thursday 18th February:

A Love Note By A Different Name | Sophie MacDonald

Forever Young | Steve Ashton

Wednesday 17th February:

Amelia | Manasha Fernando

Golden Eyes | C R Gardner

Tuesday 16th February:

Blue Day | John McCormick

Fruit | Michael Hunt

Monday 15th February:

Voodoo Happens | Estelle Owen

Foreign Import | Rachel Sweasey

Sunday 14th February:

Leaving The Gas On | Lydia Trethewey

Pure As The Wolf Driven Snow | Isadora Stefanovic

Saturday 13 February:

Courage | Georgia Willis

The Personal Ad | Elle Vidovich

Introducing My Beloved To This Part Of The World | Annie Dawid

Friday 12 February:

Our Heart | Rebecca West

Tell The Author | Jessica Seymour

Thursday 11 February:

I Love You | Jennifer Lemon

Grief | Robert Johnson

When Your Number’s Up | Ian Harrison

Amber | Ingrid Brett

Soapie At Downtown Wangaratta: Part 3 | Anne Margaret Thomas

Wednesday 10th February:

Waiting | Lydia Trethewey

The Lonely Cocky | Daniel Norrish

Addiction | Molly Young

Dénouement | Jenny D’Ambra

Six Years Old | Aaron Maltz

Completion | Margaret Leggatt

Tuesday 9th February:

Love Solutions Inc. | Sarah Henry

Fullalove | Steve Ashton

Till Death Do Us In | Joey To

Loving A Dog | Beth Merindah

Monday 8th February:

Walk In Nature | Stephanie Lymburner

My Mentor | James Gering

Big C | Ian Harrison

A Second Chance | Lucy Moschos

Sunday 7th February:

Corps de Ballet | Carmel Lillis

The Meaning Of Love | Sophie Macdonald

Something More | Jodi Titley

Saturday 6th February:

Prasadam | Heather Mercer

Love Of iPad | Jason Zhu He


Friday 5th February:

Alex’s Assertion | Daniel Norrish

The Scent Of Dew | Jaakko Markus Seppälä

Spaces Of Silence | Lydia Trethewey


Thursday 4th February:

Searching for The Ray of Light and the Fine Moon | Alex Folasa-Tuioti

Blood Trees | Lisa Fritz

Bliss | Kelley Mether


Wednesday 3rd February:

Basim,  Tyson, Betty & Ted | Sean Crawley

Talk About It | Jeannette Stampone

Rumi O. & Juliette | Mary Shuttleworth

Tuesday 2nd February:

Love Between The Lines | Alicia Bakewell

The Taste Of Love | Alan C. Williams

The Ring Of Truth | Tara Westgate

Monday 1st February:

Crushed, A Love Story | Victor Marsh

God’s Bachelor | Caitlin Farrugia

Type | Clancy Fraser

Wings & Fire |C. R. Gardener