NiTH News and Lantern’s Flame Winner Announcement

NiTH News

In NiTH related news, the end of last week saw us sneakily release our Major Competition for 2016. The ‘What We Talk About When We Talk About Love’ Award is influenced by Raymond Carter and his short story collection of the same name.

But rather than ask writers to spin us a story of strictly literary merrits, we’ve thrown the door open to all concievable genres. Love transcends, after all.

Like most of our recent contests, it’s flash fiction, with a short word count that should make the award more accessible.

All in all, we’re building on the success of our last major competition and improving on some of the bits that didn’t work so well.

You can find all the details, including the prompt and guidelines, at the NiTH Major Contest page.


Winner Announcement

The Lanterns Flame contest drew over 20 submissions, making it one of our most popular awards for 2015. We saw that reflected in the quality. Six short stories on the short list, all of them challenging for bragging rights and a place on the Award Winning Short Stories List.

Ash Warren continues to impress. Cold Mountain is a story within a story that also pokes fun at the author. Not bad for a few hundred words.

First timer Lydia Trethewey showed us a uniquely creepy world of The Strings while Shelley Willaims ‘Undress Warmly’ make twists and turns in a spellbinding tale of revenge.

Five of our six short listers were on debut this week. Nadine Koerner’s delightful The Blizzard and Marizpan reads like an Aesop fable, while Bonnie Johnson shows that we know nothing about the truth of Brandon’s lineage in The Flame of Tambor El.

Finally Brienne Morris-Grant took the increasingly popular second person perspective and made it her own in the haunting ‘Act Of Man’.

If you haven’t had the chance to read all these stories, I urge you to check them all out.

Onto our winner this week, who combined fantasy and horror successfully into a story that was spine tingling and frostbitten. Please take the time to congratulate Lydia Trethewey for her story, The Strings.

The Strings is Lydia’s first short story for NiTH, and she joins a bourgeoning group of writers who have won on debut in 2015. Well done Lydia, we look forward to your next story which comes out tomorrow as part of the GIBSON BIGEND cyberpunk flash diction contest.

Thanks to everyone who entered. and make sure you check out our the major contest guidelines soon to get those creative ideas incubating.



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