Visions of 2020 Competition

Leather Bound
Tracey Ulrich takes us inside Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s cabinet in an exclusive look at the three years that destroyed the Queensland arts and culture scene. Ulrich’s pain is clear and her regret at not being able to do something while working for the State Government is palpable.

Microchip for a Mind
Hally is the first fully independent and individual robot. Behind her metal and silicon exterior, nestled somewhere inside a mess of wires and chips is an intelligent and questioning mind. Her debut essay tries to answer the questions that would keep her awake at night if only she ever needed to sleep.

Sandwich, Anyone?
In the last decade, over four hundred cooking programs have been made. Fads like macaroons, deconstructed meals and ungodly-flavoured ice cream have come and gone. Alice Moore was fed up with not having the ingredients called for in recipes. Does anyone really have a pantry where there are so many spices that they need to be organised alphabetically? To remedy this, she wrote the ultimate Australian cookbook, one that requires no extra shopping trips. With classics like Vegemite and Cheese and An Apple, there’s something for all palettes and cooking abilities.

Public Broadcasting: An Obituary
When was the last time your tuned into free-to-air TV ritually for a favourite program? Dave Flone can’t remember either. As pay TV devours the last of the free-to-air devotees, Flone looks back on the best moments of free-to-air TV, like that time a guy drank a yard glass of beer and threw up next to Bert Newton live on air, or when your favourite character on Neighbours/Home and Away died/gave birth/got married/moved away.

What Were They Thinking?
Politics isn’t all about, well, politics, says Ida Newett. Over two hundred pages of glossy colour photos of Australia’s most fashionable and not-so fashionable politicians are dissected and analysed by the self-appointed queen of glamour. Newett doesn’t hold back when it comes to party colours, pant suits and budgie smugglers. Essential reading before the next election if you want to make a truly informed vote.