Our Best Original Cyberpunk Short Stories


Some of the best stories to come through NiTH have touched on the Cyberpunk genre. Here’s some of our favourites.

Synth 209 | John D Pallot

Stav’s just your average private dick with a pink gun. Only the girl he’s planning to rescue is less than a week old.

Batteries | Sarah Henry

Our hero ventures into the bleak landscape of downtown Seattle to find a replacement battery for her arm.

The Cult Of Hard Work | Lydia Trethewey

There’s a big difference between a person’s potential and their opportunity.

CYchopath | Joey To

A neurally enhanced cyber soldier tracks his target to a hospital. But will be be able to make the kill before the freezer virus wears off?

Lemonshade | Ted Inver

A old fashioned detective tries to solve a futuristic murder.

2N5E | Yuki Iwama

A surrealist detective story where Gods are swallowed as meteors.

Sweet Release | Amber Fernie

Keyes is a hard boiled detective chasing low level pushers after the ultimate high.

The Vomit Trail | Lyida Trethewey

A noir murder mystery set in vision of the near future.


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