Our Favourite Climate Fiction Short Stories

Climate Fiction has been on the rise for a few years now (kinda like the average temperature of the Earth). Here’s NiTH’s best Climate Fiction, all in one place.


Our Favourite Climate Fiction Short Stories


Batteries | Sarah Henry

It’s a little things that count. Comfort from the melting rains, a holgram to replace that missing arm. Hell you can even feel the fingers tingling.

Nowhere To Hide | J Perry Kelly

A touch of humour runs through this moving action sequence about a bitter and ex-marine who is faced with an impossible choice.

Days Of Tomorrow | Lachlan Bullivant

Eliza’s drawing catches the eye of her father.

Blood Trees | Lisa Fritz

A secluded commune hides a terrible secret.

Corcovado Beach | Maya Spore

“Faith had long deserted the place that Rio de Janeiro had become. “

Family Man | Clarissa N G

Two men in a bar discuss impending fortunes.

Drowning | Dakoda Barker

Kevin and his roommates debate what to do about climate refugees.

Summer Holiday | Alayna Cole

Two friends embark on a trip to see the ruins of a past civilisation

Climate Controlled | Rhiannon Cowan

500 humans remain after a climate apocalypse with only the Internet’s ghostly social networks to keep them connected.

Future Vision | Ingrid Coram

Kate knows the future. But what she sees might not be to everyone’s liking.

This Humdrum Island | Joshua Keeling

What’s a lonely little island to do when a man and a television set wash up on shore.

Reunion | George Garnett

Sally’s mother is gone, but Sally doesn’t buy her Father’s explanations.


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